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10/5 c39 7Bloody Relight
Cannot help but feel that they could ave went about finding izuku in a better way. I mean kurogiri could have just nabbed him whenever.
10/5 c33 Bloody Relight
Denki will be avenged and that bitch will get what she deserves. I kinda hope stain does it or Mayne izuku will finally realize it is better to be a classical hero than a comic book one and do it himself.
10/5 c29 Bloody Relight
Denki deserved better he should have at least went out fighting one last shock a final flash maybe burned hyno bitch up her prissy ass.
10/5 c28 Bloody Relight
10/5 c28 Bloody Relight
I want this awful woman dad do not pull any punches she gets the chair and we want it to be slow.
9/24 c28 TheWritingFreakIsBack didn't have to do *non-descript character* like that
9/24 c27 TheWritingFreakIsBack
I like how it doesn't say age-15 on the profiling at the end of the chapter and how it says aged-15 like they're a fine wine or something.

This is our best bottle it's called Bakugo aged 15 years with an explosive taste of rebellious and a burning passion of hero work. Not my personal favorite, although most of the customers praise it.
9/24 c26 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Poor innocent Izuku hot boxes a room with his brother and cousin!
9/24 c22 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Now is the time shit goes down. 1-A beginning and the villains are looking for some hero snacks.
9/24 c17 TheWritingFreakIsBack
of course sir night eye says a pun as a cliffhanger

Who else?
9/23 c13 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Oh are you kidding me

You put up muiltiple great characters against each other. All of which have very large importance of which I root for them, and you make me pick a side.

Damnit, I love it
9/23 c8 TheWritingFreakIsBack
My feels have been hit hard this chapter

9/23 c6 TheWritingFreakIsBack
This story summer up
All might dies and afo is dieing
Child izuku walks up and cries
Afo gives izuku a blob of goo and says "go, do a crime" and promptly dies after transfering a bit of his mind into izuku's mind.
9/23 c3 TheWritingFreakIsBack
I like how afo is kinda just a background voice in his head rn...well it might not be afo, but my guess is it is.
9/5 c57 2MrMateusz
Not gonna lie this wasnt what i expected from a fic „mha but Izuku has AfO”, so much world building
Spoilers for chap 36/37? If Izuku tells the truth about his Quirk he might Get Inko protected at UA, but we will see
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