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9/2 c3 BoredKing
Pity, I was hoping he would steal Bakugo's quirk. It would've be so satisfying to see that asshole become the very thing he hates.
8/27 c1 Guest
I am at lost for words! You accurately predicted afo's facial features.
8/22 c6 zainabdiggie
wait so izuku didn't take bakugos friends quirk and where'd he get air Force from anyway?
8/20 c57 FoxFan88
You really make good use of the MLA in your story than in canon. Re-Destro ended Muscular after Geten had liberated him... oh well. I'm sure the MLA can recruit/liberate more prisoners by breaking them out or by bribes or by Sway's connections through the Hero Commission. I'm actually surprised that Sway's son was not mentioned in this chapter. I bet she's not at all concerned about Hitoshi as she is about Lady Nagant.

Garaki and Kurogiri make another appearance and they talk with Inko about Izuku while Kurogiri is having some "glitches". Inko is such a strong woman to make her own declarations to the both of them.

Thanks again for this new chapter and can't wait to read another one soon.
8/17 c24 VoidWalker1256
and the best part is if his mom ever dies he technically still has her subconsciousness within her quirk!
8/16 c57 TheCarcassKing
I love every single faction knows what they're doing, how they're competent to show the reason how they've come this far at the story's start, and shows they're capable as to not bring doubts of why they've been having complications with some other parties; when your opponent is just as formidable as you, is more of an honest mistake on one's part. An equal conflict.
8/15 c57 PasiveNox
damn anyway great wonderful chapter
8/14 c57 SerpentOnFire
Y'know, for a second there, you really had me thinking that All Might was alive for a second there. I though that All Might had turned to the dark side and joined the MLA. And I was like 'no fucking way, tall, blonde hair, muscular, powerful quirk, battle scars? Is Guzma really doing this? Are we going to have OFA vs AFO yet again? And then it was revealed to be Muscular, and I was almost disappointed.
8/14 c57 39Death Fury
Excellent chapter, once again.
8/14 c57 1Pridesbane
Great update
8/14 c57 spud329
I’m gonna be sad if Mei is Nagant’s replacement, but it’d make sense, they were looking to replace a sniper, who better than someone whose eyes can zoom in for kilometers?
8/14 c57 2BrazeRancor
Rip in pieces Muscular.
I agree, Re-Destro and co. were way to cool to be used as level up fodder for TLoV. Good to see Garaki and Kurogiri aren't out of the game yet.

Any other characters you think got short changed? You've done Nagant a service since she was way to cool to be sidelined again.
8/10 c9 2MrMateusz
Man, good work
Tho, not gonna lie, they could have pulled a stain and record a video of this with a body cam and let the internet do its thing-
But thats just the hindsight speaking
8/4 c23 Zinthos001
I really hope you put a hold on the alternating chapter focuses when something important comes up like the sports festival and then catch up on the villain/side characters after I don’t mind them but I feel like they could get in the way in some parts
8/4 c3 Zinthos001
Inko fucking dies calling it
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