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7/31 c46 Dennis Spiral-flame 55

Holy Shakers Dude! Chapter 46 was absolutely intense and emotional to an astounding level! How someone can make an entire chapter take place in one room hold so much weight is utterly brilliant! There wasn't a punch thrown, and yet I was at the edge of my seat as I followed the conversations going on!

Not only had you put a WHOLE BUNCH of build up to a chapter like this, where we could see the reactions from Endeavors side to Shoto and Touyas escapades. But it flipping delivered so greatly! In other words, this was a well oiled chapter that hit the right spot for us readers! It was engaging, it was intense, it was sad, it was fun, it was heated, it was informative and just unbelievably fantastic all the way through!

After saying that tho, I think I need to explain my thoughts in more detail, as pre usual! So here I go! Review for chapter 46 GO!

First off: "The strenth of the man who'll become the number One Hero!" That title! If there was ever a chapter that brought up the subject of being the number 1 of heroes, it was this one! The title just gave me a strong inkling toward the inner workings of what the chapter led to. All of the talk about what being number 1 means, and how hard it is to actually follow through with the position. Once your personal life becomes a distraction, will you still stand tall? Still be the pillar that the world needs you to be? We got to see a deeper perspective on the role, as Endeavor struggled to stand with the news pulling him down. Just as we got to see Katsuki share his ultimate view of his dream and teach the teacher on how it is done xD. Honestly, having Katsuki and Enji as stars of a chapter like this was genius. Both being stubborn to stand at the top, to he number 1. To be the strongest. Their convictions to that goal is probably the strongest in the series. So it was perfect to have those two be the stars of this subject . I am curious to see where it will go from here with them! How will Endeavor deal with this? Will he grow to become a greater number one? Or will he fall from his height? Will Bakugo be taught something new, changing his views in some way? Mannn, so many "what will happen" running around in my mind rn xD. Yet another sign of how good you are with your writing! Opening up thousands of new and fresh thoughts each chapter, making us come back to the next chapter with higher intensity! :D. Just as a master author should!

Second: Now, if I leave that for a bit, I will now go through the chapter as a whole. The start was gripping and took me in easily. Starting right after the news was shared and right after Bakugo and Burnin had watched it... Talk about starting the chapter on fire (pun intended)! To see Bakugo's thoughts regarding it, and then listening to Burnin giving us some background. Endeavor not telling her about Touya despite all she had done at his side. But having uttered it to Bakugo during training- it was truly shaking to see Burnin's loyalty to Endeavor start to shake like that.

It was very emotional to see Burnin mentally trying to comprehend all of this secrecy and reality during this whole chapter. Truly showing that there is more than the persona that she puts up to her. I absolutely love when you get to look deeper into characters that has such a steadfast persona like Endeavors 'cruel and stony' mask and Burnin's 'confident and joking' persona. So to say that I was invested in her this chapter would be putting it lightly.

Thirdly: Seeing how Bakugo viewed the USJ was interesting. Of course he'd think the UA students weak and their enemies beneath him. Oh if he only knew... bet he wouldn't have called Setsuna weak then xD. But yeah, you did his view on the whole thing absolutely great! You always hit the spot when you work with characters. Staying true to their original version, and working with them marvelously in the new scenarios they find themselves in. Always spectacular to lay witness to!

Foruth: Moving on to the phone call with Endeavor. Let me start with saying that the idea of Burnin's ring tone was both hilarious and heartwarming xD. And continue by saying that everything with this phone call was absolutely splendidly done! You caught Endeavors form slipping as his orders got challanged as well as his views. You caught Katsuki's suprsing smarts accurately as he figured things out quickly and made his thoughts known without hesitation. (Well, a bit of hesitations when it came to subjects he didn't know much about understandably, like when Burnin was talking about Shoto). To catching Burnin's flicker and spark to a whole new degree. I have never seen anyone work her as well as you do! I was absolutely hooked during the whole call, and it was a ride to follow each route the conversation took. Expertly done!

Fifth: Near the end our very own Earworm graces us with her presence! (Goodness! I love that you have made Bakugo tease good-naturedly with Kyoka! It's awesome!). She was truly spunky as she spoke up to the 'big man'. And it was nice to see her holding her punk attituden in full go. She has truly caught loose more when going out into the world like this. And you show it perfectly! I love that you added her into the phone call since she contributed to the 'yeah no, we're doing this.' mentality. After all! Who else than a rocker to be a rebel against authority? XD. Holy Cricket man! You're a genius (as if that wasn't already obvious)! :D. Anyways, I truly liked how you worked with her in this chapter, as with every other chapter that she is in!

Sixth: Okay, so following the phone call. I gotta say that the way you had Burnin get back in the game was great. Katsuki truly brings out the fire in her xD. And Kyoka was just even more wood to add to the fire lmao. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself- I really think the planning and detective work was interesting. And to see them ending up at Deika city makes me even more invested in this side plot! Gonna be awesome to see them enter there during the phenoix festival with the whole band (will we see Bakugo on drums?). Super exciting stuff! And I think you worked yourself there nicely! Love the dedication that Kyoka shows for the mission .

Seventh: The chapter ending with teasing and utter chaos? Absolutely masterful. Starting on a deep subject, continuing with even more emotion and then ending on such a hilarious note? You know what I call that? Balance! A terrific choice to be sure!

Side notes before I forget:
* Love how Katsuki's dad helped them out with one of his studio rooms, it warmed my heart. And to hear about Bakugo not wanting to introduce girls to his mom was hilarious (low-key think that Mitsuki and Burnin would get on swimmingly tho, hope they get a meet up soon enough lol).
*That the Endeavor agency had a theme song of sorts is just absolutely AWESOME!
*The reactions from Endeavor on the phone was greatly described and in character. To make such great dialouge and reactions over the phone takes skill!
* I am kinda tired at the moment, but I haven't noticed any wrongs in the text as far as I have noticed!
*The humor was outstanding as always xD. The reference to Avatar - the last Airbender (with prince Zuko xD) was fantastic haha.

Anyways! Absolutely great work with the chapter! Thank you so much for your hard work and I can't wait to read the next 10 chapters to go :D.

I have probably more to say, but it escapes me now. Just know that you did a terrific job and I enjoyed it!

Sincerely: Dennis S.
7/31 c13 eternaldarknessfanfics
I read your story again after a while, I hope to see more jirou in the future since she is my favorite female character.
A pity that toga is the one that is going to stay with izuku haha.

Keep it up, your story is one of the best of MHA.

Greetings from Colombia.
7/28 c56 AFO
Izuku... good luck explaining what just happened
7/26 c5 Demostrathe
On that last part i think we all imagined the slowly smiling troll face
7/25 c56 2Diaspared
Yui was great! I like their dynamic a lot, and her very clearly being Compress' daughter is some wonderful intrigue to add to the main cast.
7/24 c56 kingcrimson1257
you wrote "successor mine" couple of times. I think you meant to write "successor of mine" or is my english lacking?

great chapter btw
7/24 c56 39Death Fury
Excellent chapter
7/24 c56 SaltySwan
good but take us back to Tenko and Gran Torino? Pretty please? I was expecting this chapter and I get blue balled. Granted, given your prior habits, it should've been expected.
7/24 c56 808Joker808
Damn how is Izuku going to explain this one lol. This is my favorite chapter yet, mainly because of the combative elements but also because of the call back to the quirk test. And the way you write makes it really easy for me to visualize and it plays like a movie in my head. Anyways, looking forward to more.
7/23 c56 Guest
7/23 c56 FoxFan88
Cool chapter. I liked the new battle royale you brought in this chapter with heroes vs villains vs vigilantes. I really like Momo in this chapter as well as her teamwork with Shiozaki. Can't wait to see more character development.

Now Izuku has some explaining to do. It was only a matter of time before the cat is out of the bag and I honestly can't wait to see how Yui and the rest of his classmates, sans Himiko, Tenko, and Setsuna, react to his new quirk. Perhaps this is where he comes clean about quirk.

Thanks for the new chapter and can't wait to read the next one.
7/23 c56 WolfWhiteFire
Thanks for the chapter, one thing though. "The Heroes had to capture both the Vigilantes and the Villains, the Vigilantes had to capture the Villains while escaping the Heroes through the Hero start point, and the Villains had to either defeat both of the other teams or escape both of the other teams by escaping through the Vigilante's start point."

At the start of the chapter, it is explained that the Vigilantes have to escape through the Hero starting point, but Villains have to escape through the Vigilante starting point. So as the villains, they need to go to the Vigilante starting point, not the Hero one.

Feels like that makes more sense as well, makes things more chaotic and means the Heroes can't just camp their gate because the villains and vigilantes will fight and if the villains win they can escape without ever fighting the Heroes. The Vigilantes also can't move out in full force because if the Villains slip past them they lose, but also can't just camp their gate because the Heroes don't really need to guard their gate until the Villains are taken out, and could ambush the Vigilantes or find the villains and take them out, leaving the Vigilantes scrambling to either escape or defend themselves.

Of course, with how pretty much the entire chapter is going off both the Vigilantes and Villains having to escape through the Hero gate, that would be a lot of rewriting to fix, so you may want to just edit the first mention of the rules where it claims Villains need to go for the Vigilante gate and Vigilantes for the Hero gate.
7/23 c56 Scarease
well more allies that have not the less damage should his power be revealed .
7/23 c56 2ProjectIceman
Well. As the saying goes, "No plan survives first contact with the enemy".

It was a pretty good strategy, but some minor things ended up costing them. Such as being spotted due to Yui's bright costume being bad for stealth LOL

And of course, Himiko would know Izuku's thought process, which led her to him. And Momo, being the smart cookie, would know that because of their relationship, Izuku and Himiko making a truce would be high.

And then, like a certain Dragon Wielding Harem Protagonist, "BOOST!" XD Air Cannon/Force ain't no joke.

And whoops? I don't think Izuku can explain his muscles growing as storing air in it like a Muscle Balloon. He isn't Luffy after all XD
7/4 c55 47Cottonmouth25
Interquel chapter! Exploring more of Tenko himself rather than just him and Deku as a set, or caught up together in the grand narrative of AFO/OFA, is something I think the story has needed for a while. We've got snippets of it from his discussion with Nighteye, his backstory, and the appearance of the vestiges, but it's great to see a full chapter dedicated to him proactively searching for answers to his past and future.

Also, new bird person! Woot! I mean, hoot! I hate to admit it, but I'd never be able to make friends with anyone with an avian Quirk. My ornithology fixation would extend to them and they'd find me too creepy to stand.

Rock Memory is an awesome Quirk. It's like real geology where layers of rock hold secrets in the form of fossils and chemical traces that experts can piece together the past from.

At this point, I'm just going to assume that Giran is secretly an all-knowing deity walking amongst mortal beings, divulging information as necessary for his own amusement.

Finally, your portrayal of Gran Torino was spot-on, from his Yoda-esque senile act to his reaction to Tenko's existence and especially his reminiscing for All Might and Nana. I absolutely can't wait to see more of him.

As always, great chapter!
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