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5/8/2022 c1 PartyinLA
I personally don’t like the plot of the story, It’s just doesn’t interest me sadly because I do enjoy the writing. Regardless, Keep up the good work !
5/7/2022 c53 41Death Fury
Excellent chapter
5/7/2022 c53 Scarease
Got Ocs that Loyal to former Yakuza Boss and to the Little Girl .he willing to sell Chisaki out to get her safe and his former boss .He be great fit as leader to resistance faction within Shie Hassaikai.
5/7/2022 c53 PasiveNox
great chapter wonderful wonderful damn the thing with MLA ooooh intense also yeah great talk with miruko yeah nice
4/20/2022 c52 808Joker808
Just caught up to this story and so far I'm really enjoying it. It'll be interesting to see how long Izuku and can keep the secret of AFO from his classmates/teachers and what the consequences will be if they found out that the quirk of the villain who killed All Might lives on in one of their own friends/students, even if it's someone like Izuku who has the quirk. Also good on you for introducing Lady Nagant already, looking forward to more of her. I'm curious to see how you'll handle the festival arc. Anyway, keep up the good work.
4/18/2022 c52 1TheGreatBubbaJ
The Ol' Raifu has joined the jolly gang eh. It is interesting to see the various groups grow as the story develops, for example Overhaul getting Twice, though it does make me wonder when our lad will get a new friendly face in his inner circle. And no, the Ghost of Quirkmas past doesn't count.
4/18/2022 c23 Uncle Dork
AYO, my boy has appeared!
4/18/2022 c13 Uncle Dork
Oh God, OH SHIT! I totally just pulled a Toshinori and spruted blood everywhere
4/17/2022 c49 CryogenicFreezing
"The tragedy of Nana Shimura the brave... It's not a tale UA would tell you"

is that a star wars reference I see?
4/17/2022 c49 CryogenicFreezing
"The tragedy of Nana Shimura the brave... It's not a tale UA would tell you"

is that a star wars reference I see?
4/17/2022 c52 2ProjectIceman
Mission Accomplished!

And oh wow. They have Lady Nagant now. Things are gonna be interesting.

Poor Mr. Brave. He was put into a bad position all around. Overhaul used him, the Commission imprisoned him, and Nagant killed him. All because his daughter was in danger.

Hopefully she is in safer hands.
4/17/2022 c52 FoxFan88
Thanks for the new chapter and so glad to see you added Kaine Tsutsumi, aka Lady Nagant, to this story. I really love her character in the main story and I was disappointed in how short her time was in the manga. What I wished was that the missions she did for the Commission was exposed to the public; I hope that will happen in this story so that Kaine can get back at the Commission who used her as a weapon.

Really glad you added her to join Stain and his crew in their fight against the corrupt Hero Commission and the MLA by extension. Thanks again for the new chapter and can't wait to read the next one.
4/17/2022 c52 41Death Fury
loved the chapter, and Happy Easter
4/17/2022 c51 4Cadaver1041
Hoo boy, you got me nervous there for a moment. I knew that Kirishima weren’t no quitter. Made me nervous that you were about to talk about how getting extra hard ain’t invulnerability, and how all that force has to go somewhere. Even if Tetsutetsu can’t get as hard as Kirishima he’s got more technical durability due to malleability. I thought you were going to cover shear zones, and have the poor boy partially shattered. Glad to see it was just a misstep.
4/16/2022 c52 Guest
I have a feeling you're gonna pull an anakin on izuku at some point. I mean, theres no way the commission is going to leave him alone once his secret is revealed, They'd force him to join them either by threatening his mom and friends or simply just abducting him.
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