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4/16/2022 c52 PasiveNox
ooooooooooooooooh endevour here is his fanon self huh making a lot of casualties also oooooooh lady nagant anyway great chapter wonderful
4/16/2022 c52 beard boy
hell ya! I love this! I still find it hard to believe that the hero killer story line is one of my favorites in this fic but you just wright him so well. I can't wait to see where this new dynamic leads.
4/16/2022 c52 1Pridesbane
Amazing chapter! Excited for Nagant to not be underutilized
4/16/2022 c52 46Cottonmouth25

I've... got surprisingly little to say about this chapter, my excitement at Nagant's first IZ appearance notwithstanding. (And believe me, you've no IDEA how hyped I am to see her get the chance for fleshing out she didn't get in canon.) Very nicely-set up raid with Stain and Co. here for a bit of action and a wonderful new character wrapped up like a Christmas present in a nice wheeled box, with a bonus Mister Brave as collateral damage. I absolutely agree that Nagant is a perfect fit for this group considering her history and all that's happened to society since the start of IZ, and I already enjoy how she interacts with Stain and Shinso. Ooooh I can't wait for Sway to hear about this, and I hope with all my might that she starts shaking in her boots, hehehe. The Commission, and by extension the MLA, just got exponentially more screwed.

Just GAAAAAAAAHHH I'M SO HAPPY. You magnificent bastard.
4/16/2022 c51 Cottonmouth25
So! Lots of stuff revealed in this chapter, so let's go through it in order from least to most important, shall we.

I absolutely want to see Momdoriya vs the USJ Nomu, and Garaki completely lose his shit at the result because there's no way such a force of nature not named All Might could possibly outclass his Nomu by such a margin.

Unexpected friendships! I'll pretend you didn't put Monoma x Tetsutetsu in my head, but Shiozaki and Dark Shadow are certainly an odd pair. I'm going to assume that it has something to do with Tokoyami saving her at the USJ and her coming to see him and his Quirk as a guardian angel or some other religious shit. Fun stuff, they should prove to be a comedic duo.

Mix-ups to Class 1A! Sad that Awase and Yanagi are gone, less sad that Midnight's out of commission, but very glad to see Snipe's taking the wheel and ECSTATIC at your little fake-out with Ashido and Kirishima. In a world where UA doesn't have All Might and Aizawa to speak on its behalf, I'd imagine it'd be difficult to keep parents from pulling their students after an incident like this. But I'm glad that Alien Queen and Red Riot are back in it with new resolve, and referencing their history and reasons for coming to UA in the first place is a beautiful touch.

Hound Dog! Love me that oft-unintelligible canine bastard.

Stain and Co.! Are they seriously putting together their own ragtag team of rebels, their own Suicide Squad, their own League of Villains? WOOOOOOOOT

Most importantly, though, it's seriously great to see Class 1A in its... almost entirety again. What with the aftermath of the USJ and everything that's happening outside of UA, there's a lot to catch up on, and we've been long overdue to see the kids interacting as a class more. There's been some rough shit going on and it's only going to get rougher, so the next generation of heroes needs to steel their collective resolve and be ready for what comes next. Deku reaffirming himself as their class rep and leader, and the whole class rallying behind them, was a genuinely inspiring scene that makes me excited to see how the kids will continue to grow.

And that's all, I think! Great back-to-school chapter, and as always I'm eager to see more!
4/16/2022 c52 Scarease
Well My Offer of Ocs still stand sound your going need more Ocs anyway .
4/16/2022 c52 TheCarcassKing
Eheheheheheeeeh, what a long shot.
4/16/2022 c52 2BrazeRancor
Nagant best girl. What a waste of an excellent character design, really wanted a spin off with her as the main character.

Thanks for the chapter!
4/16/2022 c50 46Cottonmouth25
My first time reading in several weeks, and where does it start. SHOOOOOTOOOOOOOOOOOO

I suppose it makes sense that it wouldn't be that easy to topple the Number One, even one as controversial as the pre-Kamino Endeavor. He can't have survived long with his methods if he didn't have an extensive support network. And it says a lot about Detnerat's power that they're still shouting to the rooftops their support in such a tumultuous time. Even if Dabi isn't willing to hit them just yet, the fact he's even considering it at all is nerve-wracking.

The goodbye between the Todorokis and Gentle's twosome was a heartfelt and bittersweet one, but I find myself more upset that Shoto threw away his last chance to follow Gentle and learn the ways of the modern-day gentleman thief. Will Shoto ever learn which finger to stick up when drinking tea now?

At least La Brava was a good mom while she was staying. (I need this AU now. Dad Criminal and Mom Brava adopting runaway Shoto.)

So if Dabi's next target is somewhere he suspects will hit Endeavor close to home... and is something he's under the impression that Endeavor should be "defending"... the only two locations that make sense are their old house or their mother's psychiatric ward. Dabi was willing to risk Natuso's death in canon, and while normally I'd think Shoto would protest more if their mother was at risk, I have to remember that this is a Shoto that never met Deku and therefore probably still forgets a lot about his past. Either option sounds pretty plausible to me, so I guess that's that until more details are revealed.

Runaway Uraraka, now where have I heard that one before? In all seriousness, I imagine she's feeling partly responsible for the discord the Todorokis stirred up, and for her family to be near the heart of it... that's probably pretty frightening stuff. And wanting to right wrongs and do good for the world - that's totally Uraraka. I'd wish her the best of luck, but she clearly doesn't have it if the MLA got tabs on her literally right out of the gate.

Good stuff as always!
4/16/2022 c52 3InterfaceLoading
Huh. I didn't realize how much I wanted Stain x Nagant as a ship in this story. Great chapter and I love the development of the Suicide Squad.
4/16/2022 c52 TheCarcassKing
Holy shit, just the fact that Stain is selecting the right targets at hand with what he has and gathered, makes me think he's more well-adjusted than what he's normally portrayed most of time. Talk about irony: on a world in need of hope is where a man on a mission bordering on religious sees the real picture. It helps his ideology is aligned with what the world necessitates. It grounds his conceptions, leads him to see clearer both on goals and methodology.
4/16/2022 c52 1Knighthunter911700
Lol, lady nagata is here, hopefully she just spontaneously combust
4/16/2022 c52 2Diaspared
I figured it was her as soon as you mentioned Tartarus.

She's such an interesting character, and her big role was a bit villain for Izuku's shortlived solo career; it's a real goddamn shame. You'd think the woman introduced as exemplifying the corruption of hero society would have been used for the sake of said theme, you know?

She belongs more in a Watchmen spinoff than MHA, given how little the latter is willing to grapple with its own themes or the vaguely fascist hero system itself. Not for the first time do I wish MHA wasn't a shonen series.
4/16/2022 c21 808Joker808
IzuToga ship is kinda a obvious one. Other than Uraraka or harems it's a go to for many MHA authors here. Shame, but I'll keep reading because your story is pretty good so far.
4/16/2022 c51 1Flumerfelt92
Questions for you.

1) what's the point of Giving Izuku AFO if he never uses it, and even refuses to acknowledge it could be used for good?

2) is Izuku ever going to find out Himiko betrayed him and is spying on him for Stain, although I guess it's a moot point because Izuku won't actually care, but what about her being a hypocrite, I mean she tells Izuku not to follow a villains path but she herself is following a villain.

please note I am not trying to flame you but I am genuinely curious.
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