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for Coda: Flesh and Blood

8/17 c1 Lady Sundiver

You hit the ground running on this story. As the other Careesers have mentioned, welcome!

My only complaint is that there was no description of the dinner John made or of how he made the hot chocolate. But from the reactions from Taylor and Joss, it sure was yummy!
8/11 c1 4Alongusername
A nice caring story! I like the blend of characters here, Elias, John, Carter. Always a team that I wanted to see in action, they spend so much time as enemies. All characters are on point, accurate, and wonderfully described. The dialogue is pretty snappy, and does make a good point of showing these characters off well, John especially. Very well done.
8/1 c1 June Mook
This was REALLY good! Love the interaction between Joss and John; Taylor and John was SO on point! Thank you! I SOOOO miss my show!

Keep writing!
7/30 c1 impvme
I like your take on this ep. It would have been interesting to see how Carter dealt with John if she had spent that time with him and Taylor. And I can see him going to visit Elias like you have here...your having John showing real restraint. Loved it.
7/28 c1 cinderelladreaming
God this is so well written! the dialogue is perfect
7/27 c1 Coreenmm
That was just perfect. I always wished more to John and Taylor becoming friends
Thank you.
7/27 c1 lemgirl1
Very good, I wish they went into more details on what happened after they got Taylor.
7/27 c1 31jakela
Like guys, they loaded up their arms and got all the bags in one trip - so true!

loved how this tale showed Reese in all of his complexities - how he could be tender and a terror, just like the contrast btw the 'home' scenes and the prison.

Congratulations and welcome to the Careese fandom!
7/27 c1 47SWWoman
Very Nice! I always like it when a writer starts with canon and embellishes it. Really liked the tenderness between John and Joss just before he leaves. He's a big softie and we didn't get to see enough of that on the the show. I also liked the scene at the end with Elias, it was very much in character for John.
7/26 c1 DreadWomen
I really enjoyed your take on Flesh and Blood. The ending perfectly fits John's persona.
7/26 c1 1JayJR
Revealing how they all thought about being a permanent part of each others lives, made this good.

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