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for The Olympian God of Destruction

9/22 c39 TehStorm
Nice chapter! And gotta be honest here my man, i hope Beerus will get his head out of his ass and marry his sisters. He says he doesn't want to marry but, why? Is it because he is afraid of being controlled? Not bloody likely. Is he Afraid of not being able to sleep around? Well, he would have to first stop being a dense anime harem protagonist for that to happen, so also no. Did he have some trauma over it? Not that we know of.

So, i'm hoping he will just marry his sisters and just have all the coitus his body is desperate for. Because it's getting tiresome to see someone who is MILLIONS of years old, getting embarrassed and shying away from sex when the other party is pretty much throwing themselves at him.

Also, please for the love of god, make Beerus the King of Olympus. Zeus didn't do jack shit to be considered the ruler. He did fight in the war, yes, but so did Hades and Hestia who should be the next in line.
9/20 c39 Gato
Espero que ese hijo de Zeus no sea Goku o otro personaje de dragón ball porque sería predecible
9/20 c38 dariuscrawford482
Will Beerus have children just like Zeus
9/20 c1 Guest
Yeah Beerus should just marry them all, Alexander The Great had multiple wives and he was hellenistic.

It'll be interesting to see Hera and Demeter play some type of game of thrones to put their son on the throne.
9/20 c39 Guest
Beerus is just torturing himself right now lol

just fuck them all and marry them all

theres no such thing as monogamy in the first place in that era lol

he could just have them many wives

i could see hestia being the actual queen tho

maybe bia could be a tentative mistress and be head of his personal guards if he would ever have some

hope beerus destroys the stupid out of his son tho

make him more reasonable and shit

im sure hed like a more rational rival to occasionally beat up lol

maybe punt the guy into the yet to be named red planet that we would call mars? as their personal battle ground and his home

with his teleportation power erased and his flight contained in mars atmosphere

he could leave echidna there too

she would still be able to teleport and shit tho

maybe have the cyclopses and the hundred handed ones make a home for him there too

and have Demeter terraform it

hope beerus makes his brand of humans from his universe tho

Prometheus could give them fire

and Beerus would give them DBZ martial arts, Ki and Ki arts

and probably mortal magic

as a god of destruction he should know some mortal magic since he lived so long

hed literally be worshiped forever if he did that lol

and maybe have dinosaurs and animals unconsciously use Ki too

evolving them to be able to talk and maybe evolve into their humanoid form it they get strong enough with their Ki

i can see Beerus and Prometheus having tons of fun with nudging them along

kinda hope you add the other pantheons too when their government finally establishes and stabilizes themselves
9/19 c39 egresadon2222
Kill his son and You could also create a cap of destructive energy in his lust, let's say from 1 to 10 it has a cap at 5 that the moment it rises to 6 it destroys a unit of 1 so that it becomes 5 again.
9/19 c39 10gdog1
Wonderful chapter as always. It's nice to see Zeus use his brain and not go in there all half cocked and get himself destroy. While I do believe he could convince his brother to let him be king everyone would know who the real power is. As for the kids well let's face it Beerus would love the challenge. Even if he lost he wouldn't care over much. Makes you wonder what will he add to the human race to make things more interesting.
9/19 c39 RegalMania
Typhon reminds me a little bit of bloodlusted Broly, but in Greek Mythology. Extraordinarily powerful, has a thirst for combat, trounces (almost) everyone with ease and enjoys causing destruction.
9/18 c39 1Hayden122
Wow, so Beerus and his brothers and sisters are going to be uncles. Although the vision at the beginning made me think directly of the following: We just saw Typhoon. I thought that although I wonder if the child that Metis and Zeus are expecting... I'm curious if he will be a boy or Athena, well, well, Although we remember in the myth that Metis was going to give birth to a son of Zeus who would be more powerful than him and well we know the sad fate of Metis who ended up being devoured by Zeus, under the pretext of testing her shape-shifting power, making her turn into a drop of water that Zeus swallowed and we already know the rest because after Zeus's split head, the aforementioned Athena came out.
9/18 c39 BurntWang
Thank you for the chapter, can't wait for Zeus's kid to be born, and then trained to his maximum potential so that beers gets a good fight
9/18 c1 Guest
I don't think it's a sneak peek of another Dragon Ball z character since that prophecy actually do exist aside from the Beerus bit, Greek mythology Gaia told Zeus that He'll have a son with Metis who become stronger and more powerful than him and become the king of the universe It's the same prophecy basically Also, Beerus already said in the beginning of the chapter prophecies can be stopped, and Vegeta already has thousands of fanfictions So I really hope that's not true, Don't want them to take the spotlight from Beerus in this amazing story.
9/18 c39 p6lishb6kser
Please let it be Vegeta 3 (not planet or king)
I know it won't be him... but a man can dream right? :d

A long time had passed since the beginning of this fanfic, and it's nice that we finally had sneak peek of another DB character.
9/18 c39 jonatas2k2
entao zeus e metis nao bao ter atena nessa fic?
9/18 c39 Guest
What kind of retard would think Aphrodite could ever be a ruler? She's a fucking dumb slut that likes to whore around.
9/18 c1 Guest
Aphrodite did nothing during the war so why would any of the gods agree to make her the ruler, and in Greek mythology a Greek hero through a spear at her and she ran away crying to her mom on Olympus.
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