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for yours until the rivers all run dry

8/11 c1 13betweentheraindrops
Loved this. I love imagining RM separate from Newport, in New York or some other locale, still working through their issues but able to breathe a bit more than they did when they were younger. Marissa is as selfless as ever and I love her insistence on Ryan seeing a therapist again. He needed it, and his issues were too many to put solely on her shoulders. Love that they were able to grow together in this.
8/2 c1 12Marissa Davis
This was amazing! I loved them coming back together and her being so confident and sure they’d end up together. You’re the best RM writer, I’m happy you still find inspiration with them
7/27 c1 micolodian77
You did a very good job of showing them as being more mature without disregarding the issues that they would still have as adults. Well done
7/25 c1 Guest
Thank you thank you a million times for posting.

I miss R/M so much and your stories bring me so much happiness. Please do more of these! I love future R/M fics.

And I totally agree that they would be a in a stable, happy relationship had they had the time to form one. The writers did them wrong. They're meant to be together

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