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10/3 c6 2fantome57
Trop bien ce travail d'équipe. Est-ce que le pouvoir d'Ethan serait plus que voir l'avenir, est-ce que c'est ce qui l'a protégé du pouvoir d'Erica ?
10/3 c6 23Bennyweirlover17
this is amazing I love this so much it’s perfect
10/3 c6 30MBAV fan66
Alright! Their first mission as a team was a success! :D All thanks to Ethan having that vision before they even received it! Go, team! Go! Looks, like you weren't as useless as you thought you were gonna be on a mission, after all. Eh, Ethan? Lol! ;P

Seems like Erica can't help but feel a wee bit jealous at times of Ethan because of his close childhood bond he has with Sarah. Hehehe! ;P Erica's like, "back off! she's MY best friend, now! Go, find yourself a NEW best friend!" while holding onto Sarah's arm possessively and then sticks her tongue out at Ethan right afterward. Lol! XD But Erica's not that petty of a friend, though. And I'm sure she respects their close bond as childhood friends, too. Despite the small bit of jealous that tends to rise up inside her from time to time when seeing them interact so perfectly with one another.
9/30 c5 Jamesy
This is incredible so far! I can't wait to read more of this!
9/11 c5 23Bennyweirlover17
wow that was so good and amazing I loved it and I can’t wait for more
9/11 c5 30MBAV fan66
Seems like they both have their own pressures to deal with. Benny's dad wanting Benny to take over running the school someday, when the day comes that Evelyn decides to retire and step down as it's head mentor/headmistress and must choose who will take her place between the two of them. And Ethan, trying to figure out his powers are trying to tell him and to prevent the terrible disaster that he saw coming for the school. But both Ethan and Benny aren't feeling very confident about their possible futures. Hopefully, they will and things won't turn out so grim for them, either. Especially, after what Ethan saw in his vision. Hopefully, they'll be able to prevent such a thing from happening. Granted, Benny doesn't even know about what all Ethan had saw while at the meeting, anyway. Lol!

Benny is like a mystery to Ethan, huh? Lol! XD It's like, in public he's one way, but behind closed doors he's another. I'm sure Ethan will figure him out, eventually, though. :D

And look! The whole gang's together! :D Just...in a different way from what we're used to, though. *giggle* ;p Now, we know everybody's special powers and it looks like Benny will be seeing much more of Ethan now. Besides, just at their dorm room. I wonder how Benny feels about being on a team with Ethan, as well. It's like he can't escape the guy! Lol! XD
8/26 c4 23Bennyweirlover17
such an excellent chapter it’s so wonderfully written I love it
8/26 c4 30MBAV fan66
Well, today turned out a lot more better than usual for Ethan. He didn't get a vision and pass out afterward as a result of it! :D But now he's discovered something new about his powers, which is allowing him to instinctively predict the immediate near future without having to see it. He just...KNOWS without even knowing it, until it does happen. And apparently, he can now possibly read minds, too. Or at least, hear a phrase being said in three possible other ways, that is. With them all meaning the same thing, just...reworded differently, is all. Boy! It's no wonder Ethan hasn't lost his mind yet with all the weird shit his powers keep doing! Huh?! Lol! XD

Now, Benny knows what all kinda shit that Ethan's been going through with his powers. Well, except for the last one there at the end with the possible mind reading thing, though. But the point is, now he knows the struggles that Ethan's been having to face when it comes to figuring out his powers and trying to learn how to control them or at least understand how they work properly. I wonder if this makes Benny feel more sympathetic towards Ethan, now that he knows about Ethan's powers?

I'm excited about the next chapter, when we learn what Benny's powers are! Along with everything else that'll happen in it, too! :D
8/10 c3 MBAV fan66
So, those were Jesse's feet he saw in the second vision he had since being there. Who...of course, was wearing that dumb evil smirk of his. Aka, his signature facial expression, in other words. Lol! It's like Ethan's visions are rapidly showing him the big picture but are moving too fast to make out. So, instead, they only reveal a little bit of the bigger picture at a time with each time he randomly has one out of the blue, like that. I guess, it's his powers way of bracing him for what's to come and so that it doesn't wind up overloading his mind in the process causing a serious health issue. Ethan never did get to relay a message to Evelyn saying that this time it was Jesse who was the one to set him off instead of Benny and that the person in the previous vision with the black shoes was Jesse because that's who he was able to see this time around when it showed him the same thing but only with a bit more detail this time. I guess, seeing it vision number 3 makes his search for the shoes' wearer super more easier for him, huh?! :D Because it showed him, this time! Lol! XD

Benny's starting to realize his sudden attraction to Ethan, now. Maybe not romantically, yet, but he's getting there. *giggle* ;P He knows that for some strange reason he feels drawn to him and feels more like being just a smidge more open with him than compared to everybody else there (except for his grandmother, of course) who he's alienated from himself. It's like, "I want you in my life and to get closer to you, Ethan. But...at the same time, I don't because I don't want to hurt you with my crazy and wickedly mad powers should I ever lose control again." Lol! XD But I'm sure if Ethan did find out whatever it is he's done in the past, I'm sure Ethan wouldn't hold it against him or see him any differently, though. He might be the one person (again, besides his grandma) who's understanding about it and still wants to be there for him.

Hey! It's cool if things are going a bit slowly. Better slowly than too quickly because then the story would be over much to soon! Plus, relationships and bonds take time to form and grow. Which is what is happening here between our two favorite geeks, anyway. ;D
8/10 c3 23Bennyweirlover17
this is such an amazing chapter I love it
8/3 c2 30MBAV fan66
I guess it helps to have a mentor who you don't get along with very well, huh? Because that means they won't go easy on you and are willing to push you all that harder compared to someone who you do get along with. So, maybe Benny and Jesse not getting along is a good thing and why Jesse's the best at what he does, too. Because he's not soft like most of the mentors who teach there, are.

Another episode. Ethan might want to start wearing helmet at all times if him passing out right afterward, keeps happening! Lol! XD You know, so he won't wind up giving himself a concussion or brain damage every time he drops to the floor! Lol! XD

Something tells me that figuring out what triggers Ethan's gift won't be easy to do. Or how he can even learn to control it, too. His powers are like a mystery to him, whereas the other newbie students there probably have at least some small control over their abilities, somewhat, already. But I'm sure he'll get there, eventually! :D Although, I'm sure he wishes more sooner rather than later, that is. Lol! :P

So, Benny like labeled as an outcast there, huh? All because of something he did in his past, which is the reason he's the way he is. Closed off and guarded from getting close to others and making friends. Although, it seems when he's in his room with Ethan he tends to find himself letting up on his guard just a little bit and lowering his walls just a smidge, too, to let Ethan in. But only around Ethan when they're alone their room together, that is. He doesn't realize it yet, but he's slowly starting to make a friend. *giggle* ;D
8/3 c2 23Bennyweirlover17
I love this chapter even more then the last one
7/26 c1 Bennyweirlover17
this is a great first chapter and I like it very much
7/26 c1 30MBAV fan66
I think Benny's starting to think that maybe having a roommate (or at least, this roommate in particular) isn't so bad, after all! :D Either that or he's just being polite because that's how he was raised. To be, somewhat friendly and sociable to others or at least make an attempt to be, though. *giggle* :P But I think he's starting to warm up to Ethan just a wee bit, though, regardless. ;D

Ethan's first day there might've went a little crazy there in the middle, but at least it ended on a somewhat more positive note, though. Lol! Seems like he's got a lot of things that need figuring out when it comes to his powers, but at least he already has at least friend there already to help him out with things that are school related, though. Well...a friend that he already knows and is good buddies with, that is. ;P But I'd like think that he's already done made at least one (if not two) friends while there, so far! :D Erica (and Benny, too, who's the possible second friend)!

This story sorta reminds of X-Men since it's a place (more specifically, a school) for anyone who happens to have a special ability or powers (aka, mutants in the X-Men universe) to go to when they're in need of help on how to master and use them more properly. And it's not for just the young people out there who are of school-age, either! All ages are allowed to attend! Kids, pre-teens, teens, young adults, and even older adults, too! :D I can't wait to see where this story goes! As you already know, that is. *giggle* ;)

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