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9/6/2020 c1 JazzyIrish
This was a fabulous view of how these guys act when they're just in a hotel/motel and not on a hunt. I found it heartwarming and also laughed a few times at Dean acting like a kid on his first Christmas. Loved that Dean could steal Sam's clothes and still re-lock the door! And yes, ever since "Bugs", Dean has wanted a steam shower and they should definitely get one! Great one-shot and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing it with us! Until next time...
8/23/2020 c1 JadeObscure
This was great and kind of just made me feel good. Their interactions... what’s not to love!
8/12/2020 c1 blitheCoryphee
Definitely awesome. I love to see them spoiled now and again... but I also love how they find their own "awesome" in any place, if they're doing what they do best... together.
8/2/2020 c1 kenna
"Sounds awesome." Yeah I kinda think so too.
That was well done, nice fic.
8/2/2020 c1 1beckini
It IS awesome!
7/28/2020 c1 Willa
Really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing them so well.
7/27/2020 c1 Nova91
That was just... so... them... so Winchester... so great... thank you!
7/26/2020 c1 Laura G
I love how they always seem to end up together in the same room anyway... love Sam calming Dean in the middle of the night (how many times have they done that for each other)... love the clothes stealing... love all of their interaction... great job!
7/26/2020 c1 Reidun Col
Funny and sweet. Put a smile on my face :)
7/28/2020 c1 1Ginza
I love it! Always love to see the guys doing everyday things and just hanging out together, and you write it so well. I love them falling asleep on the couch together at the end. Thank you so much for posting these every week and giving us something to look forward to during this whole mess.
7/27/2020 c1 24Belker
Super sweet!
7/27/2020 c1 6notawriter4sure
Hello Hanna - to be honest I have always been a bit of a ninja reader only leaving reviews if there was something particular I wanted to mention ... but since I leapt into the act of writing myself I now realise the sense of support a review can bring. After that long explanatory lead in :D Just a very quick note to say how much I appreciate your writing. I think that you get the boys individual characters and their joint interactions perfectly; not to mention how they approach others. So well done all round.
7/26/2020 c1 6Wildfire's Flame
Cute. I do love the 3 star hotel... Deans face is priceless. He can say so much with just his eyes. I loved your addition to the story. Very well done and it flowed beautifully.
7/26/2020 c1 DearHart
Oh Hanna, did you know that you completed me? LOL! Sorry if that sounded creepy, but IT’S TRUE! It feels like Christmas morning every time you post! You just GET these two brothers SO WELL! I especially loved the part when Sam took Dean’s shorts only to have ALL his clothes stealthy stolen back in return. SO GOOD! Thanks SO much! XOXOXOXOXOXO
7/26/2020 c1 sdfam
Wow that was a typical Winchester story. I couldn't stop smiling throughout the story. It was really really cute but definitely something. I am still smiling like a mad person. Thank you for that.
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