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for Equilibrium

9/8 c4 SpecterXCove
9/5 c4 jon12231223
Need more
9/5 c4 Xivu
Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/2 c4 Jotunsquid
Iiiinteresting end to the chapter. Saren was caught red-handed. I guess having Nihlus survive would have been too much? ;)
It remains to be seen if Shep submitting to the Beacon voluntarily and for the second time is going to grant her a more coherent version of the warning. God, how I hated that disjointed sequence of pictures and sounds...
9/2 c4 NightlyRowenTree
Thanks for the new chapter
8/24 c3 Xivu
Looking forward to the next chapter. I hope it’s out soon.
8/6 c3 Nohbody
So far this is pretty interesting! I’m looking forwards to seeing where this goes.
Thanks for the new story!
7/27 c2 Guest
This fix is epic and the definition of amazing! Please please please more!
7/26 c2 5Icy the Frostbringer
This is a good start with a lot of potential. It could definitely grow into one of the best ME rewind/reset (New Game ?) stories I've read here.

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