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for Azur Lane: Fallen Stars

5/5 c10 Guest
One of my favorite crossover fics yet. Keep it going!
5/3 c10 Darkness envoy
I really enjoy what you are doing with the story. this is one of the few that I'm actually invested and super interested in. please keep up the great work. I need to read more
5/2 c10 joeyginise
Well, not everything can be explained. In this case, no one dared try. Not even Disney dares to touch that space magic. I can see a fight breaking out over that ring. It should still be functional, so maybe Procurer can send out a radio ping to locate it or something. Are they at Gibraltar? That would certainly make things slightly easier, also explains why the Italians were able to strike at them.
3/30 c9 Phara
To be honest I was quite lost when you shifted into the siren made simulation and started throwing so much SW info that I don't know, gonna wait until we're back into more familiar waters.
3/28 c9 joeyginise
I wonder how the Force will play into this. I wonder if it will be enough to break this deception of the Sirens. A warrior of the Republic is not easily broken, after all. I wonder what will come next.
3/28 c9 454godamora
I'm so confused as to what's going on right now. Guess I'll have to drop this story.
3/24 c7 17Ignisha
headcanon: Defender has a crush on Anakin, but because he's already married, she never took the initiative or even confessed
3/4 c8 Guest
V-19 torrents and V wings are completely different, the torrent would be a W-wing cus of its three wings
2/27 c8 1Jctherebel
Huh, this is cool
2/25 c7 7Scott Wolf
I'm so glad you made the last one a Venator. It's my favorite capital class ship.
2/25 c8 joeyginise
So, the mini fighters are now making mew think of mini clones, and now I kind of want it to happen. This was fun though. Looking forward to the next one.
2/25 c8 Dario6595
Don’t worry about these chapters, the story is still starting. I personally really enjoy them, and I think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself on thinking of them as fillers or unnecessary obstacles. These chapters are still filled with key info, and are nonetheless fun to read. Also, for the future, fillers aren’t completely useless either. Right now you’re expanding and advancing on the state of the ships, the world around them, and their relationship with each other, in a fic like this these factors are very much needed. Cheers, i hope you can get over the block and keep doing what you like! I’m still very interested in the story and honestly hyped for it!
2/25 c8 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
2/25 c8 Dasgun
2/25 c8 454godamora
Well this is bad.
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