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for a knot in red string

7/31 c1 4TripleTurtles
Oh my gosh! This is such a neat idea — members of the Khun family are born a cat? Maybe just the male members? Or at least until they climb the tower? And Khun's family kept trying to form a contract with him but failing... But he's scarred by it... And to keep his human form, it takes a lot of shinsu that Bam is completely able to provide... I really like this world, the ideas are so neat! and I'm looking forward to where this goes! It's interesting that they can feel each other's emotions... That gives such a leg up to Khun it's almost not funny (but it will be). Great fic, so many neat ideas!
7/27 c1 Guest
I really can't get over how many beautiful and emotional stories you've written so far. The way you breath life into these characters is unique and I'm looking forward to all of your projects. Have a nice day!

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