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for Drowning Through Time

10/4/2020 c1 7Blue Bragon
I like this take on the manga timeline Ayano and what it really means for her to be there. Now I am really curious about what would happen if the two Ayanos ever met.
9/28/2020 c1 ewertondragon10
congratulations enjoyed it and a lot as Ayano took this power as she went to see what happened all of her lives.
8/8/2020 c1 76Chronic Guardian
Man, I love perspective pieces like this! You do an excellent job laying out the situation without making it feel dry or uninteresting. Your cognitive flow is strong from start to finish, and I find myself getting immersed in this character's thought process as she struggles to believe things can ever end any differently.

That said, the ending is almost a little too light. Like, everything leading up to this moment is so rich with feeling that the relief seems to come too easy. That's not to say it's a bad ending, just that I think a line or two more of the jarring shift from despair to relief would help it click better. This is the reality she couldn't begin to hope would come true just a second ago, yeah? Gotta give room for that world shattering realization to sink in.

Over all, though, this was brilliantly put together and exactly my kind of story. Thank you for the treat, Stealthy! Hope you have a wonderful last few days of summer~
8/5/2020 c1 117Aviantei
Oh boy that manga timeline is a wild ride.

I really like what you’ve done here, with elaborating on this point. You have some really excellent details with Snake!Ayano and dealing with the issue of viewing another version of yourself that’s so different because of timeline shenanigans.

That said, I do really like the feeling of hope at the end. I feel like KagePro has so much time spent on pain and suffering, but it is about hope in the end. Pushing forward to find the one set of circumstances where things are okay.

Now, will Snake!Ayano feel everything is worth it at the end? I feel that could be another one shot all on its own.

Excellent work, and I’ll see you around~
7/27/2020 c1 72TheTrueOverlordBear
Huh, that's a surprise. So based on what I just read here, Retaining Eyes is actually another Ayano whom Mary ended up turning into a Snake and then stuffed into Shintarou when he died? If that's the case, then it adds another layer to "Additional Memory," which I first thought as a song of just an Ayano from the loops after Shintarou got Retaining Eyes. Like, I thought it was more romantic at first, but I can see how it can be seen as platonic instead even more now. To be honest, I haven't been so hot about keeping up with the adaptations I haven't gone through myself lately, but it's not like they're totally uninteresting. And I think I'm also a guy who gets more interested in reading source materials through spoilers, hahaha~

Anyway, this is a pretty deep and uplifting read. It's quite in line with how KagePro is best told through its character arcs than through some overarching plot forcing the characters together. It's a given that they'll go from the painful Point A to the rewarding Point B. How each of the characters go about it, though, is what makes their overall story worth reading. And you nailed that quite well.

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