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4/1 c1 shybrunettepainter
This made me cry. Not even lying. I loved it.
3/27 c1 ashish123
Thanks for this masterpiece. There are not many stories which really show the really negative aspects of Hermione.

Hermione once said Ron that she is not a last resort. Same can be said to Hermione that Ron is not last resort to show appreciation and genuine admiration.

Just because she realises how sepcial Ron is doesn't mean other girls cannot see how special he really is. If Ron is shown immature how he tackles victor krum situation,same can be said to Hermione how childishly se attacked Ron with birds in lavander situation. She may have asked/implied invitation to slughorns party but she never really paid genuine appreciation to Ron during sixth year. Also books never showed she really ended her pseudo relationship with victor.

Books always shows how perfect Hermione is but in reality she too is human and can make mistakes just like Ron does. Many people can associate themselves with character of Ron, even though he is not perfect,but same can't be said with Hermione.

Thanks for this chapter. I wish there is a story also where someone makes Ginny and Twins realise how much they have hurt Ron unknowingly. Once again thanks for this masterpiece.
8/24/2020 c1 16AzureAlquimista

Very few fics show Hermione in a realistic way, and not "Hermione, the perfect victim abused by troll-Ron".

I agree with you in almost all points.

What happened between Krum and Hermione?

Hermione told Harry she didn't talk a lot with Krum because he was more in the physical side (As Lavender was?) And she was the one Krum would miss the most... But we saw too how Krum asked Harry if there was something between him and Hermione... so probably it was more a game of Krum kissing and trying to seduce Hermione, and her playing "hard to get".

When Hermione broke up with Krum?
We don't know. Maybe they broke at the end of fourth year, or maybe she was still Krum's "almost-girlfriend" when she asked Ron to the slug party.

Hermione's reaction to Ron's first romantic approach when he gave her perfume as Xmas gift was so strange!

Harry's gift?
"Thanks for the book, Harry! I’ve been wanting that New Theory of Numerology for ages!"

Ron's gift?
"And that perfume is really unusual, Ron."

Not even thanks!? Ron made a little romantic gesture and Hermione said: "Thanks, but NO WAY! Forget it!"

Why?... Maybe she was still seeing Krum?

Ron went with Lavender for the same reason Hermione went with Krum: apparent lack of interest in the other part and a "too good to say no" offer.

Hermione's immaturity and insecurity made her to never show any interest, respect or appreciation for Ron, but often abused, and disrespect him.

She couldn't even ask Ron properly to go with her to the slug party. She made a total disaster of it, and in the end, she made it look as if she was choosing the lesser of two evils: Cormac or him... And she didn't really care very much about either of them.

Not matter this, It seems Ron hoped it could mean, maybe, as more than friends. But after He knew about how Hermione had lied to him for years about her relationship with Krum, the reasons of the horrendous way Hermione asked him went from inexperienced shyness to total disinterest. He assumed she asked him only because he was the only one who wasn't in the slug club.

How could Hermione ask him for a romantic date when she had been Krum's girlfriend... Or maybe she still was... Ask him, the teaspoon idiot? Impossible.

So when Lavender treated him well, in a honest and appreciative way, he accepted her advances... Lavender could give him all the things Hermione was unable to: Respect, appreciation and uncritical support and love.

So Ron and Lavender kissed... and WHAT Hermione did? Wait for him? Understand he had the same rights to date Lavender than she had to date Krum?

She could, even, have talked to him as a mature woman: "Ok. I kissed Krum, and now you have kissed Lavender. Now, we are even"... and from this, talk about their feelings.

But she didn't. She chose to PHYSICALLY ATTACK him and cut all ties with him in a immature jealous rage. She gave him scars for weeks... if Ron had reacted a second later and the birds had reached his eyes... blind for weeks!... of maybe forever.

Hermione behaviour was totally horrible and unacceptable. It's horrible JKR showed this as an acceptable behaviour!
Wonderful fic. Honestly!

I will read your other works... and... your first language is Spanish!?... Y yo escribiendo un enorme review en inglés... T_T...

Como decía: Buen fic. De verdad!
8/4/2020 c1 beforeyougoRH
¡Me ha encantado este fic!
No sé si es tuyo o solo lo has traducido, ¡pero gran trabajo!
Ojalá una segunda parte donde ella le muestre más predisposición a Ron :(

¡Gracias! 3
7/28/2020 c1 Guest
Really, really good! The tragic (and even the funniest) part of all of this is that after this whole conversation Ron got poisoned, so Hermione was kinda right...

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