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for An Angel At Hogwarts

8/16/2004 c3 1Princess Cherryblossom3
HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE! THIS FIC. IS AWESOME! I like how you played out Harry as being a Veela. It's always that Draco's the Veela and everyone is lusting after him (not that they don't do that all the time anyways, even when he isn't a Veela), so this is a nice change. I also likethe change in looks that you gave Veela!Harry!

I can't help but laugh at people's reactions to Harry, and Harry's reaction to them. Quite funny, really. The plot is bloody excellent, and the introduction to the story of when Harry got turned was easy to understand, for the most part. I had originally thought from the description in the summary that Harry would already be a Veela, and this would be one of those inheritance fics., with both Draco and Harry as Veela, through Salazar and Godric.

Oh well, it's still kind of the same as what I was expecting, with a cool twist. It's definitely original, I'll say that (in a good way). PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I can't wait to find out what happens next! And to see a bit of Draco/Harry, as well! Thanks! Ja ne! ^_^
7/29/2004 c1 htbmny
it's man-slut not man-whore. it sounds funnier
7/27/2004 c3 KinkyRedBackpackSex
Love this fic. Are you ever going to update? Please!
7/21/2004 c3 wolfawaken
when are you goning to update, I hope soon. I just found and read it and I sure wish more will be writen
7/19/2004 c3 1dan-rad
wow this is an amazing fic. ive never read one where it is harry who turns into a veela instead of draco. i do hope you will continue because it is truly one of the best fics ive read, and theres only 60 something words!

love from,

summer grand
6/23/2004 c3 zina
ur real motivation should come from the reviews u receive not from other stories

just to tell you i have gone back again and again to read your story over and over again.

i love it and would love u for continuing it

thanks and hopefully you'll update soon
6/22/2004 c3 1HecateDeMort
this is great, please write more
6/14/2004 c3 4MissBee003
*giggles* I can't wait to read more!

4/22/2004 c3 Fabled Phoenix
cool! update soon!
3/23/2004 c1 2AncientHistory
3/13/2004 c3 bingo
you know what? i really like this! pls continue to update soon?
3/10/2004 c3 zina
Love it so far if you keep the same style and things happening it will end a great story
however some writers think they are too good to update
well you're slowly pushing towards that list
hurry up and update already
greeat story
love it
like it
can't get enough of it
2/24/2004 c3 firefairy
I like! I want some more with harry and draco though. Keep it up it's brill!
2/23/2004 c3 Poole Paddle
Lovely story! ^_^;
Can't wait 'til yeh update!
2/22/2004 c3 7TheSecretCharacter
Okay, this is my first time reading this story and I realized how little you update. That will not be accepted! You NEED to update more! Three chapters since last May? No, AT LEAST one chapter each month. Now, hurry up and continue the story. I'm waiting . . . . .
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