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for An Angel At Hogwarts

2/21/2004 c3 Dyann
Hm... i *won-der* what draco would possibly want in return... for a short one, that was a pretty good chapter. Please write more, and i'm gonna add this to my fav stories list. you are also being added to my fav authors list! :)
2/20/2004 c3 1Ravenight
wow, I can't believe you updated. This is great, I can't wait for more. hehe your getting my hopes up again, don't smash them into oblivion...pwease
2/20/2004 c3 Layce74
2/20/2004 c3 Mali F
oh I liked it, just hoped it would be longer, anyway you are going to make Harry and Draco a couple yes? Ireally hope you do. Update soon
2/20/2004 c3 39Beloved
i so tremendously LOVE THIS FIC!
more soon please!
2/19/2004 c3 2War Mage Black
OMG! This was so funny! God, I felt sorry for Harry, lol. Great story.
2/19/2004 c3 22Pip3
2/19/2004 c3 TheSilverLady
2/19/2004 c3 3SheWolfe7
This was good, keep updating. Poor Harry, a sex god overnight. Hehe.
2/19/2004 c3 eminem4eva
hey hey hey! please continue!i cant wait til the next update!
2/19/2004 c3 19suckers love
aw... poor harry. almost getting groped by parkinson. hahah... hope you write more soon!
2/19/2004 c1 39Beloved
you're not a bad writer!
i'm really enjoying this fic!
2/19/2004 c3 Yumiko
Interesting start. I'm looking forward to updates! BTW, Cassandra Claire has posted on her LJ that she has already finished the first part of DV14 (about 50 pages) and will the posting it soon (after she has them beta'd).
2/18/2004 c3 2SailorBaby16
So Draco helped out Harry. Why? And how will the rest of the school react. And how did Remus find Harry in the first place?
2/18/2004 c3 10Shania Maxwell
hehe continue!
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