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for An Angel At Hogwarts

2/9/2004 c2 Stella Delight
You really should update. Don't leave me hanging!
1/20/2004 c2 SailorStarLight
Cool story. Keep up the good work. Also update
1/11/2004 c2 Mali F
oh i like it, hope you update soon
1/5/2004 c2 8kathy stgqvk
I like it a lot, though I really don't know what's it going to be the main pair? Harry/draco or maybe a Harry/Sev, I mean in the sumary say they despite each other so...
see ya in next chappie, kisses, kathy
1/5/2004 c2 4Siderius Cimmerii
Wonder how Draco will react.
12/20/2003 c2 4GenX-Revolution
hehe,cute. But I like the idea of draco being the veela in any fics,not that yours is bad or anything. So please update already.Like now perhaps!
11/26/2003 c2 2Firestorm19
Update NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! (Doncha jus love copy and paste?)
11/6/2003 c2 Fiery Pheonix
Hell!... THAT was funny... I like it... I hope you update...
10/26/2003 c2 smilez
wow... great story... do update soon!
10/23/2003 c2 curlytop
You must finish this. Good start. :)
9/30/2003 c2 Layce74
9/26/2003 c2 Layce74
PLEASE WRITE MORE! {do you want me to cry? I'll cry! (whimper)}
9/18/2003 c2 Layce74
Please write more!
9/14/2003 c2 Kenny
please please continue, this is really really good!
9/13/2003 c2 Brit
Now look what you've done! All I can think about is how sexy Harry must look! (not that thats a bad thing. -gets lost in thoughts- -nervous giggle- -blushs- But you've got to review soon! Its been months! Do you know what your putting me through! I can't wait for Draco and Harry to get together! There my fav pairing! HELLO! Are you still paying attention! -sighs- I know I'm an impatient prat but could you just find some time to add a few more chapters...-pouts- stupid ginny is getting all the action...humpf! -glares at computer screen- -gets lost in thoughts- -HES SO SEXY! SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY...
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