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for A Gamers rise in Marvel

11h c27 Kennedy Wome
it's fun, really but at this point I'm throwing in the towel.
Next to no progress, time wasted on unimportant things.
I'll just drop it here on a high note
22h c7 NotRevan
1/24 c6 FriggleBerry
I’m not usually a fan of female mc but the peeps in shiros discord made me wanna read this and so far it’s fucking awesome, going for some enhancements you don’t usually see in this and making a bit of a different path from other stuff I’ve read keep up the awesome work
1/24 c2 NotRevan
oh hell yes. female mc gamer fics tend to, at least in the ones I've read, *not* be willing to go too far with using the abilities for sexual purposes. this will be fun.
1/23 c27 Johnsmythe2oo2
1/23 c1 NotRevan
fate is cool and all but really? (not criticising you as the author btw, just the character) now I've really only watched Fate/Stay Night or whatever it's called, but Naruto "magic" has the potential for so much bullshit, especially if she were to aquire the Sharingan.
1/23 c27 Guest
1/22 c19 Michael McCurdy
Hope you enjoyed the chapter!? You keep nerfing every aspect of her game, have you ever enjoyed your favorite stuff getting nerfed. Rapidly becoming unreadable the way you keep plot stabbing her to make her weak enough to be challenged while constantly revealing more powerful enemies.
1/21 c27 lmc9389
Fun story. I like that you didn’t make her over the top crazy evil and what not like other gamer fics tend to make their mc. I think there’s too many crossovers going on but overall well done
The chapter that starts with Hell's Kitchen you call kaecillius "Strange"
1/21 c16 1hiareportsyou
You know this makes me wonder. If Natasha was turned into a Hero, how would she compare to other Assassins? Same with fem Steve?
1/21 c15 hiareportsyou
Holding a sword in your left hand, so he holds out his left so you dont have too disarm? Ehh... Sorry, but... What? You shake with the same hand as the other person.
1/21 c11 hiareportsyou
Lucifer is really low level, so I guess this isnt Demiurgos Lucifer, nor is it DxD Lucifer? So that means its Lucifer from well, Lucifer. But that causes an issues, Serafall from DxD with her mere presence destroy Japan dozens of times over. Sirzechs is stronger. This Lucifer seems well... A bit week? Then again he could have been manipulating her Observe, the Ancient One did detect it afterall.

Also god as in One Above All? Or is he the Skyfather of the three factions? Or more of a Universal version of the Presence?
1/21 c27 Redgrave Antony
nooooo come back jeanne ruler
1/21 c27 unesik
Pulling out the ahoge was a really great idea. If you incorporate more persona switches in the future, that would be really cool. Whether it's just trolling people to see their reactions, it's hilarious. Keep it up!
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