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for The True Final Chapter

11/19 c1 6green-ninja05
I am new to HAIKYUU, honestly I cheered for Yachi-san and Hinata-kun, with the feeling most of fans will have Kageyama x Hinata pairing I mean Yachi-san amd Hinata-san are too pure to be missed as pair... Im not startimg on manga but i have been spoiled. So fanfics like what you do is like an Oasis in desert . I love i foind yours!
10/27 c1 10bige1218
That was great. Can’t wait for a sequel.
10/24 c1 LazySpeedster
This was so good I definitely enjoyed it thanks for taking your time to create it and I’d love to see a sequel
10/18 c1 Heliaka
Thank you so much for this one shot, as french i first looking for french fanfic but 100% are for hinata and other men :'(
As a no yaoi fan i was very desapointed
So thank you for this couple who deserve better and more fanfics

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