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for Ruby and Gold

10h c14 9MissLuxe
This is soooo good, I'm so invested!
6/13 c14 The Indecisive Ambivert
6/5 c14 Lizzieuh
Yay! So so good. I love the anticipation of a slow burn. And the keldabe kiss? *dead*
6/3 c14 Abi-chan fiction fan
Raaaaah lock them in a room or something ! This is killing me
5/2 c13 Guest
I'm so SAD this isn't finished!
4/14 c13 7KarajeJinsta
Hehe Mandalorian kiss :D
And yep, she isn’t going to forget THAT anytime soon!
(Meanwhile Fox is probably berating himself about that and feeling guilty pleasure :D)
4/14 c13 Abi-chan fiction fan
I love how they all bombarded Riyo with question about Fox but none of them made a comment about Farai's lips XD Girl, what were you doing with Gunner, hmm ?
2/9 c12 38Thunderstrike16
Pff more fuel for Fox's batch mates to use against him. So they were dealing with the Zillo Beast, that was a fun episode.
2/9 c12 Abi-chan fiction fan
Oh my god, these guys XD A lovely bunch of gossiping teenagers, the lot of them LOL
2/8 c12 50JimmyPenguin421
Ooh he keldabe kissed her! Heeheehee. They're both so obviously falling for each other.
1/11 c11 24TheEternalAssassin
Great story
1/10 c11 1Lord Grise
Oooo, next few gonna be good!
1/10 c11 Abi-chan fiction fan
Oh shit. What now ?
Why do I have the feeling this is not gonna end well ?
1/10 c11 50JimmyPenguin421
Well, they almost got some resolution... I hope they can finish their talk after whatever this is is done. I have the feeling one of them is going to get hurt though...
1/2 c1 El Pi 96
I gotta say, this story has the potential to be very romantic, full of fluff and angst as well as tragic and devastating. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of this. :)
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