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8/22/2022 c16 Guest
On the whole this is ok. But I feel bad for Anakin even tho he really isn't in it. Padme treats everyone else better than him it is so sad.
8/22/2022 c9 Guest
The clones just chatting rubbish about Anakin. Isn't Anakin lucky.
8/22/2022 c7 Guest
Yes sure a ton of people know about Anakin and Padme but did nothing about it. Also no one thanks Anakin for saving them? Isn't Anakin lucky.
8/22/2022 c5 Guest
Padme spoke of obi-wan and Ahsoka I guess Anakin is nothing then? Isn't anakin lucky.
7/12/2022 c5 5Foeseeker
Enjoying this story, very cute bit with the pastries, but I HAD to review this chapter after that chat exchange between Thire and Cody. Thire with the "hypothetically" and Cody being so caring and also (very lovingly) wanting all the gossip on Fox... I was -rolling-. Perfection. Love this pack of idiots so much.
7/5/2022 c16 1elanordaughterofeowyn
Hi lovely! wow. what a story. Please please continue. that cliffhanger is killing me. lol
7/5/2022 c5 elanordaughterofeowyn
Reading along and got to a break so I can review. So. Stinking. Adorable. I love everything about the baked goods. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy. Can't get enough of this story.
3/23/2022 c16 Guest
So good! But so short :(, AND THAT ENDING! WHAT HAPPENED?!
3/23/2022 c16 9MissLuxe
absolutely obsessed with this and was SO stoked to ser the update. you write them so well!
3/23/2022 c16 Akira-Hayama
Well, that’s just a cruel cliffhanger. Though it is nice to see this story getting updated. Understandable as to why it hasn’t though; I myself not really invested into Foxiyo as much as I was previously, but it is nice to read about them for nostalgia sake.
3/16/2022 c15 BoatGuy123
Just found this pairing and I love it! Hope to read more soon
12/29/2021 c15 5matt626
This was fun to read
12/8/2021 c15 Abi-chan fiction fan
I love how it takes such meddling and team effort just to get these two together XD
12/7/2021 c15 9MissLuxe
this is fantastic , i love the scheming! thank you for the update
12/6/2021 c15 Akira-Hayama
Of course it takes a whole group to get Fox and Riyo to realise their feelings for each other, because how else would they realise themselves? It’s so very Foxiyo of them to put others first before theirs. It is both frustrating and somewhat depressing.

Granted they have a good reason on why they should’ve act on their feelings. What a scandal that’d be. But fuck it do they deserve it each other. Kinda lowkey hope we see more Farai and Gunner too. They seem like a cute couple, even if they are OC. I need more clone/natborn couples dammit!

Great chapter overall. Till next time!
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