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11/27/2020 c10 Akira-Hayama
Oof, and the drama ensues. It was...inevitable something like this would happen, and can’t really blame Fox for being in denial about the whole thing. He’s always been a by the book clone, and with his position as head of the Guard on probably the most populated planet ever, makes sense.

No doubt Riyo’s gonna talk some sense into him, and if that doesn’t work, a slap to get the reality check for him. It will be most interesting seeing a Marshal Commander getting scolded by a petite Pantoran woman, lol.

Great chapter overall. Till next time!
11/26/2020 c10 saoyuuki12
So the blueberry chick does have fire in her. Damn. He dead
11/25/2020 c10 1Lord Grise
Looking forward to rge next chapter!
11/24/2020 c10 Abi-chan fiction fan
As always, the tchat had me wheezing for a minute XD But that ending...erh, "I've got a bad feeling about this" ?
11/24/2020 c10 45Thunderstrike16
This was fun, Fox is in for it now. Hope to see the next chapter soon.
11/24/2020 c10 1Cemalidor
Poor Fox, we knew him so well.
...well, maybe not, but he REALLY should have known better. :XD
11/24/2020 c10 13236792
Whew... this is where things get fun XD I hope they finally admit their feelings!
11/24/2020 c10 7CloneWars7567
Oh man. So avoiding what you’re obviously feeling is NOT the way to go!
I wonder what kind of discussion they’re going to have now :D
11/24/2020 c10 3Bad Wolffe
Awesome! Loved it!
Like the tension between Fox and Chuchi.
Looking forward to the next chapter for sure :)
11/15/2020 c9 2Cyar'ika
I love it . can you please update. I am so curious and it is sooooo cute
10/19/2020 c9 Erika
I am very happy that you were able to update! and careless, no pressure. I hope you can balance your duties with this story, I loved the wolffie instance with Fox and the chat with his other brothers hahaha. I will wait patiently for the next chapter
10/19/2020 c9 7CloneWars7567
*dies of giggling* Well now it’s out in the open folks! Wolffe knows for SURE now!
Great chapter :D
10/19/2020 c9 Abi-chan fiction fan
I died ! The whole chapter slayed me especially the chat, oh my god !
I didn't know Fox was Marshal Commander. Besides him and Cody, is there anyone else ? Bly ? (God helps us)
10/18/2020 c9 13236792
Aww, that ending was cute :3
Sorry about your concussion. Don't hurt yourself looking at screens :)
9/22/2020 c8 Abi-chan fiction fan
The wolf is back to help the fox. Let's gooooo !
Yeah some episodes are out of order. Kinda like having Domino squad's past much later in the series despite having Rookies in the early seasons...
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