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10/28 c9 Crawleyfan
I am really enjoying your story, I can't wait to see where it goes. It is very well written.
9/14 c8 48KeepingUpDisappearances
Nice cliffhanger!
9/9 c7 2jayredd8683
Sounds like this journey is not for the faint of heart... much less Niles! He's LITERALLY going to the ends of the earth for his Daphne :)
9/5 c7 48KeepingUpDisappearances
A little slow to read the latest update, but here I am! Can't wait to see what happens next.
8/19 c6 KeepingUpDisappearances
I've really fallen behind on reading this, but I'm caught up now and I just love it! It's a really exciting story and I'm just hooked.
8/7 c4 KeepingUpDisappearances
Wow, you really know how to make things intense and scary! Which is a good thing!
8/4 c3 KeepingUpDisappearances
Great job!
8/2 c2 KeepingUpDisappearances
Great update! The bit about the koi made me laugh. They are my grandpa's favorite fish and there's a Chinese restaurant he likes to go to just for the koi pond.
7/29 c1 KeepingUpDisappearances
Great start! Martin is clever!

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