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6/4 c6 37Death Fury
5/10 c3 Guest
So was Sally a legacy as well and if so did her children inherit any of her legacy abilities
5/10 c5 chimera629
Surprised that Wanda was there and that Pepper and Tony don't seem to attract monsters.
Did Percy and his sister inherit any abilities from Sally?
5/10 c1 chimera629
Was Sally still broke
5/10 c3 chimera629
Random demi god or titaness
5/10 c5 Death Fury
Excellent chapter
1/7 c4 Death Fury
Excellent chapter
7/29/2021 c1 PartyHardy5
LOL! Stop writing you cunt.
7/29/2021 c1 ToysRUrse
Do you even know what a capital letter is? Clear not, since none of your titles have a single one.


Kill yourself.
3/17/2021 c3 IhaekLag
Ok so idc who it is with, but pls make nat similar aged to Percy so the dating won’t be weird.
3/17/2021 c2 IhaekLag
Ok so
1. Pepper and tony
2. Percy and nat
3. Yes iron man like suit but not exactly the same
4. Legacy of Athena or some peaceful god or goddess
3/14/2021 c3 Death Fury
excellent chapter
12/16/2020 c2 Mautze
Really good chapter.
1.) Tony/Pepper
2.) Percy/Natasha
3.) MCU Wanda
4.) No, if it attracts monsters.
5.) Legacy of Apollo and daughter of a minor god like Tyche or somthing like that
10/23/2020 c2 theonedevin


I honestly don't care

No to tech
10/18/2020 c2 Death Fury
Excellent chapter...

1. Tony/Pepper

2. Female Loki/Percy OR Natasha/Percy

3. Hmm Your choice of Wanda

4. Maybe if he has an A.I. but wouldn't the technology attract
more monsters? If so then no.

5. Pepper maybe a legacy of Athena
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