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11/24 c4 Guest
11/10 c4 Koko girl
Yes, Chatsworth
10/4 c4 Lolicon master 69
I'm loving this stuff
I get you man
9/24 c4 1starscreamer11
*whips out paper and pencil*
9/22 c4 Matias Teran Salazar
update pls!
7/22 c4 Guest
7/8 c4 Guest01
Don't have much to say about your fic since it is okay as is really. It is nice to see a new chapter though but I still don't like King Crimson getting nerfed this much and I get it, his development as a better person would bring him closer to how King Crimson originally was (if that is what you are going for).

You can have him be nice I guess but never make him too nice and from what I've seen, he's okay as is but at least give him some sort of opportunity to be himself like exploiting any holes when it comes to dealing with the devil king for example (or with any monster he encounters where he can brutally kill them while also belittling them because that's what Diavolo does when it comes to belittling his opponent, even when he praises them for almost being successful as long he's in control of the situation). He doesn't have to change completely, just give him a new set of belief and ideology where he can still kill if necessary, just doesn't have to be people this time. But from what I read, I guess he won't be too much like himself and more of a character where you force him to develop with rules he has to follow or else gets the infinite hell treatment, which I know he doesn't want but I understand why you wrote him that way. Guess he's more Lorenzo than Diavolo at this point.

As for Yunyun, she's alright I guess but no cute character in anime is safe because whenever they pop up, it's like that one person has to make a porn of it (not even Diavolo is safe but it's always characters like Yunyun that get the shaft... if you know what I mean and yes, I hate myself already for writing that). I like her development at least because of how Diavolo impacts her in such a way though I wonder how she will react to him when it comes to killing his enemies in a brutal fashion. I think it's great idea to give her more focus than the other 4 main characters of Konosuba and along with Diavolo, they would make an interesting pair (not that kind of pair where they get shipped, hell no!) so I'm curious to see their dynamic in this fic.

Also, yeah Diavolo is indirectly responsible for almost a lot of people gaining stands because of the arrow, can't say with part 3 since it was mentioned that some stand users got theirs naturally. However, I would believe it as a theory if DIO gave his minions a Stand because of the arrow, just not like other stand users that got theirs without the arrow like Kakyoin, Avdol, Polnareff and Iggy.

Good chapter, can't wait to read more.
7/4 c4 That boi
Grammar and spelling errors. But otherwise this is excellent
6/19 c2 Guest
6/21 c4 kerrowe
If the stand can't even skip time anymore isn't it as generic as pre-timestop Star Platinum? Just a strong punch ghost with no abilities.

Though if it has any it hasn't shined yet.
6/18 c4 Aison
Hi! I really like your story, with the recent update, I started to read everything again because I did not remember the story (I have read many, but none like yours) XD

It also adds points if you combine one of my favorite characters (Diavolo) and an anime that I love so much like Konosuba (you're right, there are not many fics that use diavolo in this way). Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter and have a good day. :D
6/14 c4 No u
6/14 c1 1mysticoverworld
Also, where's Diavolo's Tag?
6/14 c1 mysticoverworld
Please, Diavolo is a very good villain character and I want him to be happy! And this is the one of the best fanfics I've read!
6/10 c4 The Duck Song
You're doing a good job.
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