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for Ikigai- A Reason for Being

5/14 c1 Jimivanrey5
69 nice
2/3 c8 mattcun
I can't wait to see next chapter
1/17 c8 ill0
flashback terus sampai bosan melihatnya
12/9/2020 c4 Mystolon
First let me say I'm eagerly intrigued about This Naruto's abilities and I'm interested in how you will develop said skills in the future, I'm a very big fan of Don flamingo's powers/fighting style from OP so I would enjoy it if you shaped Naruto's abilities in such a form This Naruto would truly be powerful if he could use his wires in this story as Jokers uses his in OP, also on top of that Naruto could hone his bloodlines Chakra absorbing trait that would add an extra factor to his danger level. I can't help but imagining it Naruto absorbing the Chakra of anything his wires touch like Samehada can for Kisame or even replicating the Rinnegan ninjutsu absorption ability by connecting his wires to an incoming Ninjutsu technique, and the wires sucking up the chakra It would make Naruto a deadly threat.

Of course there are other paths that you could choose to explore and they too are exciting to consider, you could have Naruto hone his Bloodline to the point he develops the ability to create any weapon or ninja tool he desires just like the ability the Otsutsuki had, they showed how powerful such a power could be.

On the negative side however after reading as much Naruto fan fiction as I have there are some misconceptions that many writers make that never fail to annoy me, for example the common belief that the Henge technique is merely a basic illusion as opposed to the True shapeshifting technique it is. Or as in this occasion the Belief that Just because Naruto possessed bad Chakra control in Part 1 of the Manga That means that Naruto is incapable of having good Chakra control period (Despite in the Manga Part 2 Naruto displaying feats of great Chakra control)
11/28/2020 c6 silent loner boy
ya can update on webnovel too
9/30/2020 c1 trjz
With the uzamaki vitality I am surprised they have had 68 clan heads before naruto
9/25/2020 c8 marquis.shax
I don't really like how you want to pair Naruto with Yugito since she's a hell of a lot older than him as in Part 2 she's 29 if you ever decide to pick this story up again and absolutely insist on pairing him with another jinchuriki you should go with Fu as she's at least apparently close to his age
9/22/2020 c8 3Orchestra Of Order
:( Now this makes me sad...
9/21/2020 c8 TigrezzTail
Well, I do appreciate the rough draft. Your writing really is amazing to read. Unfortunately, I have no interest in your other two stories (the plot just doesn't interest me). So, good luck with them!~
9/21/2020 c1 2Obitou
n i c e
9/21/2020 c8 ravenhawk21
Thx for atleast giving us an ending rather than just leaving the story in the dust anf forgetting about it goodluck on your other stories
9/21/2020 c8 CW
I really liked your original premise. Too much canon, but I always think that after seeing the same arcs 100,000 times. Too bad you're ditching it after having so many points mapped out. Good luck.
9/21/2020 c8 BoneDaddy2019
Welp. Wasn't expecting you would drop this but its your story. Anyways the fics plot is very nice like it beause it was unique. Overall im happy you could focus more in your other stories now. Thanks
9/17/2020 c7 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Cool read
8/27/2020 c7 dlowe2651
Awesome update soon
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