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11/17/2023 c4 Llewey
Walt thinks like i do… i guess i am socially awkward
1/14/2023 c29 lechnersamuel4
This was fucking great. Honestly probably the best world building I've seen demonstrated in a worm fanfic, ever. It does seem a little slow-going, with all the different characters' backstories being explored and all of the interludes, but overall a very good story. Had me laughing out loud a few times, even. Hope we see more updates soon!
12/2/2021 c29 Blaze1992
This went weird in a funny way.
12/2/2021 c11 Blaze1992
Wait if they are a part of the arcane side of the world why didn't they see/do something about what was infecting Danny?
11/30/2021 c8 Spidersauce
Eh this story started out interesting but it's deviated into just short of nonsensical. At least for me.
Thanks for writing though!
11/30/2021 c8 Spidersauce
Never understood why someone would just let themselves be handled like that . . . But it happens so I can't complain too much lol
11/30/2021 c3 Spidersauce
. . . But none of that was Walt's fault? He took it at face value that Taylor would know the history of that flute, that she'd know that her mom knew the neighbors well etc. . . . It's essentially a form of plot armor for Taylor to NOT know Finn and Saoirse . . . So that whole misunderstanding they're forcing on him was their own blunder.
8/27/2021 c29 1Jctherebel
Fucking love this, chicken Greg lmao
7/12/2021 c27 1dekuton
definitely need more of this.
5/5/2021 c27 Guest
2/28/2021 c26 Guest
Had to look up the third devil alias it wasn't one I knew
2/21/2021 c26 MocheXD
1/31/2021 c25 Guest
1/18/2021 c24 MocheXD
I can't wait the next chapter
12/25/2020 c23 Guest
Wild Hunt
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