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for That Blue Sky

8/26 c4 Boramir
Beautiful story.

Poor Sister Julienne; she is a kindhearted experienced woman just trying to do her duty as the senior Sister at Nonnatus and enforce the rules without favouritism, and the other Sister's are all taking Shelagh's side. People often forget that one of the most important aspects of a monastic religious order is discipline and specifically unquestioning obedience to one's superiors.
8/25 c4 zexis
Chapter 4 is everything the first three chapters were. Wonderful!
8/25 c4 8Lady Levinson Turner
That was such a good chapter! I love how accepting Sister E is! And I love it when her stubborn side comes out, not going to lie!

Also, I would love to read that story!
8/17 c3 Boramir
Well written, and with a brilliant grasp of the characters especially the relationship between Shelagh and Sister Julienne.

Well Done.
8/17 c3 zexis
All I could think was how cute Sister Julienne and Shelagh were together! I love the motherly instincts that Sister Julienne is having!

And her saying in her head that if Shelagh was her daughter and she had given birth to her she would love her as much as she loved her now!
8/14 c3 Lady Levinson Turner
Aww no problem! This next chapter is amazing and I love the motherly instincts! I want to say they say the act is almost cute, but it is more then that.

Ok I am rambling now, but it is because I am speechless at this yet again phenomenal chapter!
I think this chapter is brilliant! I love how Sister Julienne already feel something more for Shelagh.

I love that Sister Julienne gives her better things and then she was trying to make excuses for it, like she said Shelagh has poor eyesight! I also think is so cute that Sister Julienne was protecting Shelagh like putting her arm around her.

You can already see the motherly relationship that Sister Julienne feels, when she pushes Shelaghs plate to her! I think the way you wrote Sister Monica Joan and Evangelina was perfect! I loved when Sister Monica Joan said Shelagh was beautiful and she won’t stay for long!
8/11 c2 Lady Levinson Turner
Perfect as usual! I love the thoughts in Sister Julienne’s bead and I also love how you wrote Louise, I thought that was brilliant!

I adore how Sister Julienne gives Shelagh the better things, I just think it is perfect for the relationship!

Sister Evangelina and Monica Joan have perfect characterization in my opinion! x
7/31 c1 Lady Levinson Turner
I am so glad you are writing this story! This is such an amazing start and I can not wait for the next chapter! I think your characterization is perfect by the way!

Absolutely love this story and hope for more updates to come!
This is such a sweet chapter, I love Sister Juliennes and Shelaghs relationship and I’ve always wanted to see how they started their friendship. I can’t wait to see more!

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