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5/3 c17 Nuclear-Jack
Love the RussianBadger reference. I'm crying right now.
4/26 c25 4djpj7652
Yeah, that's probably for the best man. Having a blabbering psycho as an antag or side character is more fun than having em be the actual MC. Can't wait to see Robin grow and whatnot. Until next time man.
4/25 c25 Guest
I see you took my advise, yeah like I said Overboss was the rise and fall of Cainen with him now being nothing more then a insane madmad who would kill his own biological second child with no hesitation, and maybe with a new more kind hearted heroic protagonist it may bring more fresher ideas and as you said more into a genre you enjoy instead of the mass murder rape drug spiral Overboss was but what do you expect raiders in charge of a whole continent to act. Well good luck and I will be looking forward to the adventures of Robin Branwen daughter of the now decease bandit queen Raven Branwen and the pure evil ex raider warlord Cainen.
4/25 c25 emil.roskilde
4/25 c25 isaacjaenke
What's up? did someone piss on your wife? Did someone take their quilly dick out and piss on your fucking wife? Either way, thanks for the announcement.
2/21 c24 ER-47
Is this the end
2/21 c24 Guest
Ok, well that came out of the blue, if you need rest for whatever is messing with you be it writer's block ,no motivation, or just needing you time then take as much time as you need, we'll be here waiting patiently for your return.
2/21 c24 djpj7652
Take your time man, everybody needs a break. Nobody should fault you for that. See ya when I see ya man.
2/20 c23 Guest
Anima: The tyrant is dead! Were free at last!
Lupus: Oh I wouldn't say free, more like under new management.
2/20 c23 Guest
Problem just pop up, theirs's a canon explanation of the origins of dust and semblances that was revealed in the Volume 6 recap released today and turns out earth humans could never unlock semblances due to them being a remnant human exclusive and may even be unable to use aura, of course you can ignore the canon origins stuff completely or keep the parts that can still fit with the fic like the origins of dust, if you want to see it for yourself it's on Youtube.
2/20 c23 Agent 48
Oh you misunderstood I said if your in need of a fic idea after this one is done and shelfed not now immediately, to juggle three fics at once would be hard and headache inducing, so I figured a Enclave centered fic would be popular as the Fallout fanbase love the Enclave and swarm fics centered on them. Plus a fic with the Enclave as the protagonist would be nice to have since the shitshow that was The Frontier, even now people are still shitting on the mod that took seven years to make and a few days to destroy, they told us we can't play the Enclave as they are "objectively evil militarists racist fascists" yet think it's fine to join the Legion who enslaves people and turn a underage minor into a mind broken sex slave, yeah, wtf.

2/20 c23 Guest
Well Cainen just went insane, and with the Relic in hand he's going to raise some serious hell during this time skip, maybe even revealing the supernatural exist as a sword that can bring untold destruction in not natural and no Semblance or dust can being the level of destruction it can. So with Chimera now at Beacon Ozpin knows of Robin's existence and may have figured out who the father is (it's not that hard to put two and two together especially when Raven before leaving told him she was raped by Cainen repeatedly before she escaped) so how will he handle a child whos father is the most evilest man in this century and whos mother is a cowardly and abusive bandit hopefully by keeping her away from both.
2/19 c23 The1TrueZero
Oh cool a time skip will happen, if you need help with what Robin will look like older then that's easy, you said she basically looks like Raven but with blue eyes so why not use past photo Qrow has when Raven was a teenager in Beacon but with a few tweaks. For a weapon well if Raven is training her then she will be a elemental odachi user like her mother, like how Yang fights with boxing blended with mixed martial arts like her father Taiyang or Ruby with a scythe like her uncle Qrow. I can't help with a semblance as that is based on personally or who a person true self is like how Yang's helps her deal damage after getting hurt which fits into her being a berserker in a fight. or how Jaune's amplifies others aura and semblances which fit into his drive to support his friends and loved ones. Robin is still a baby right now so I have no idea what kind of person she will be, hopefully okish as being in Beacon should prevent Raven doing anything to messed up while raising her.
2/18 c23 Guest
Ozpin if your still hero you were long ago you will take Robin away from Raven, I can already see the abuse and it's clear she will grow up without love or kindness, that's the kind of upbringing that spawns psychopaths other fucked up people, better take her away from the obvious unstable mother and into more loving hands, like Tai or Glynda (yes she's very strict but I can see her be a loving mother). Not like Raven can portal to her and kidnap her as she needs to be strongly emotionally connected to someone and again she has no love for her and may even down right hate her.
2/18 c23 MemeMasterAssBlaster
Holy shit, it's killing time for Cainen. Hope he caps that traitor
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