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10/15 c10 SereChan23
Uwaaaaah, I was searching this fick for the last week!
I'm terribly excited about what's next and I'm looking forward to it!
And especially the faces of All Might as Izuku eradicated him from no.1.
Good luck writing, I wish you lots of ideas, time and desire for writing!
10/1 c10 20bajy
great job here on these chapters!
10/1 c4 6Cosmyk Angel
Just a mention, you refer to Shouta as Shoto a couple of times in this chapter.

Cosmyk Angel
9/30 c10 8multyfangirl21
It's going to take awhile All Might to stop being a jerk to our tragic cinnamon roll and see that the crimes of the probable father are not the crimes of the son , especially since he's being raised by two proheros. I can see when All Might finds out about AFO's chosen successor being Nana's grandson it's going to hit him even harder than in cannon.
9/6 c8 multyfangirl21
No one in the class is commenting in shock that Izuku is a son of a teacher?
9/6 c7 multyfangirl21
Are you putting Izu in a threesome? If so this will be the first I see a ship with Tenya in it.
9/6 c4 multyfangirl21
Lol, Yagi is going to deal with two very angry pro heros/parents
9/5 c1 Serenity Apple 18
I absolutely love this! :D Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/3 c8 dragonmaddex
you gunna update?
9/2 c1 24sgtwist
I'm disturbed how innocent smol Izuku is.

Why did Inko tried to hurt Izuku?! I am confusion
8/27 c8 Iz-bell-saiah
amazing writing and story. love it!
8/22 c8 6Cosmyk Angel
I love how Eraser just dropped that on Shinso and walked out. Classic Aizawa.

Cosmyk Angel
8/22 c4 Cosmyk Angel
Just to let you know, you are calling Shota by the name Shoto.

Cosmyk Angel
8/16 c8 20bajy
I love the story so far and the latest chapters that were posted!
I'm voting for Izuku x Ochaco
Katsuki x Mina
Tenya x Momo
(If you're looking for shipping ideas, I'm just throwing them out to you)
8/15 c8 Beautyofdeath
This is not the best. You really need more of a reason to introduce Shinso into the class. It is heavily implied in both your own story and in the cannon material that he did miserably at the entrance exam. By that measure there are probably several students that did better than him but didn't get into the hero course. In the cannon material he impressed Aizawa at the sports festival. Here there is no spotlight on him so it's not likely that he would have just been chosen to replace Mineta. You need to flesh it out more.
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