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10/4 c1 Hela1180
I ask because I like what I've read so far and it's been a bit since you first posted this, but are you planning to continue with this story? If so, please let us know.
Thanks, Hel
9/29 c1 Guest
Add more i like this side of things. No one writes stories of jon being raised by harry. Pls continue to write about it.
8/31 c1 sidtrix
Estou muito animada para ver o que irá ocorrer com a presença de Harriet e Teddy, ela é um poder a ser reconhecido, Catelyn foi bastante imprudente em agir de forma arrogante mesmo depois de saber que Peverell era viúva, se isso fosse um fato verídico na trama, ela teria ofendido a convidada e isso afetaria o norte. É interessante ver que o Ned Stark pode ter pulso firme dessa vez, admito, espero bastante ansiosa para ler os próximos capítulos, parece que será incrível.

Obrigada por trazer essa ideia, tenho certeza que sua determinação em criar algo tão incomum vai ser apreciada por muitos e sua mãe está de parabéns pelo esforço em te ajudar, bem que dizem que a união faz a força. ;)
8/27 c1 Iz-bell-saiah
love this story
8/18 c1 3Kitkatsuna
This is a good start and an interesting way to take the story. I’m interested to see what Harriet’s involvement in Jon’s life will change most notably his interactions with the Stark children and Catlyn. Can’t wait for the next one!
8/10 c1 4TheMarphasChappers
This is something new, I like it.
8/8 c1 1Kiochii
This story has promise. I tend to judge the flow of a story from the first chapter if it has just been posted and I like the flow of your story so far although a bit fast. It would have been a bit nice to have a bit more thought of the main points they traveled through like the kings road and moat Cailin (I think I spelled that wrong. No I’m certain I did) as well as maybe some thoughts one winter fell from Harriets perspective. But other than that good so far.
I also like how Ned put Catelyn in her place from the get go. That was one of the things that bothered me about her. She had way to much influence on a land that is drenched in the old way of the land and prayed to the old gods.
Even she admitted she never felt welcome in the godwoods which told me she never grew into a northern woman. She was Stark in name not in action and she poisoned her children with the tendencies of a fish. Sansa was a perfect example of this, although Arya was pure wolf nothing could change that.
Anyway I’m looking forward to the next chapter and the development of the relationship between Ned and Catelyn now that Ned has a bit of a backbone against her from the beginning.
8/8 c1 45RonneeM
An interesting start with a very different plot twist. I like the idea. I hope to see more soon.
8/8 c1 2J.Bean1
I like this already and I’m hoping you’ll continue with more good quality chapters. Stay safe and update soon.
8/7 c1 lunersheza
Love it, love it, love it. Hope you update again soon. Cannot wait to see were you will be going with this.
Also will there be a love interest for Harriet?
8/4 c1 Lilia
I want a continuation of dis
8/6 c1 26917brat
This is a truly wonderful and highly interesting story that I would love to read more of and seriously hope that you update again real soon because I would love to read more of this and see just where you are going to go next with this.
8/6 c1 5Light Lord Cybergate
Hmm...I have a feeling you hate Cat.
Just remember if Jon really had been Neds child she would have had every right to be angry.
That said...that of course that does not give her any right to mistreat Jon.

At present her hate is unreasonable...and would not be understood.
Ned has denied Jon as his child. That has effectively removed Jon from any chance of being able to inherit...unless of course Ned adopts him.

If Cat were to mistreat Jon now without evidence or without just cause she would be seen as a tyrant...and Ned would have to act and stop her unless he wants to also be seen as a tyrant or a weak willed ruler.
8/6 c1 5Sage Rikudo
great beginning.
can't wait to see where you take the story from here
8/2 c1 Guest
So for all that Ned is supposed to protect and defend the North, he has spent most of his life away from it...not through any fault of his own, but that is the truth. So since Harriet seems interested in keeping the magic and Gods of the North alive, she should convince Ned not to let Benjen leave for the Night's Watch. If Benjen knew the truth that a piece of Lyanna lives on, he wouldn't abandon the babe for the Wall. The Wall was obviously his penance for what he saw as his part in Lyanna's death and the war, but if he knew her son was there, he wouldn't leave.

And Benjen remaining in the North will only strengthen Ned's position as Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell. Benjen has spent his entire life in the North and knows it's customs and its people far better than Ned. Where Ned might misstep occasionally, Benjen can let him know ahead of time so that none of the lords see Ned as having shortcomings or being too Southern in manner and action. Plus, Benjen remaining would mean that he could give him his own keep, thus gaining a loyal bannerman as well as a second branch of Starks to make the pack stronger and more secure.

That being said, I do hope this isn't going to be one of those stories that completely shits on Catelyn. She's FAR from my favorite character and she makes very big mistakes in canon, but she's from an entirely different culture and has just been married off to a stranger. In canon, Ned didn't seem like he tried to acclimate her to the North; instead he shifted things around Winterfell so that Catelyn would feel more comfortable and at home. And I understand why he did so, but it really didn't do Catelyn or their children any favors. It would be far better for Ned to educate Catelyn on what is expected of her as a lady of the North. Maybe they could start fostering children of Ned's bannermen and maybe instead of bringing a septa to teach her girls (or any daughters of bannermen), she and Ned could bring in a Northern lady to teach the girls? Like a widow or spinster of one of Ned's bannermen? That must be the way most Northern houses do it because the only Northern house that follows the Seven are the Manderlys.
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