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for Jon's Protector

7/31 c1 Guest
Love it already.. Please Update soon!

Love that Jon has a protector from the start!

I hope she brought the Potter and Black gold with her, if she wants to pass as a high lady she must have her own money for herself and her 'children', that way no one can talk and call her Ned's mistress or something.
Maybe she can buy her own land and keep in the North!

What happened to Ser Gerlod and Ser Oswald? There was supposed to be 3 Kingsguard at the tower of Joy with Lyanna.
Also how old is Teddy here?
7/31 c1 DarkAngel
I'm looking forward to reading more, I like the idea! Please update soon
7/31 c1 Guest
MLB/YJ Prompt: The timeline was reset by the Kwamii's to save reality. A lucky charm to a LIGHT meeting made sure it won't happen again.
The video footage plus the data was probably over-kill but Mari, the bat clan, the YJ and the Meta's were hurt horribly by those hypocrites cause they wouldn't let them have the Kwamii's.
7/31 c1 angie
Great start! Please continue, I am eagerly awaiting the changes at Winterfell due to their arrival. Thank you for writing.
8/1 c1 The Blue Insanity 8500
Looking forward to more!:)
8/1 c1 anarion87
nice story so far
8/1 c1 Fishkaka
I like it. Your mother is a great editor.
8/1 c1 dmorrighan
interesting start, please write more
8/1 c1 8FitsofRage
Enjoyed it immensely! Will there be more in the future?
7/31 c1 1Lady Nyshah
Oh I hope there's more coming. Love it .
7/31 c1 shadowhunterz
Its always nice to see a fiction where Jon has an obvious protector. And I was always a sucker for Harry Potter x-overs. Loving this already. Can't wait for more.

Did sir Gerold die here?
How old is Teddy?
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