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7/9 c17 Meteor3
I'm laughing so hard my sides hurts! Damn i need more of this.
6/21 c17 Guest
Mother of the year forces her children into a marriage against their will. Guess it was a good thing she went missing for so long. I'd hate to see what she'd do to her family had she stuck around.
6/4 c7 Guest
This...this is funny shit i need more of this in my life please.
5/30 c17 N-Lorin
Summer has very ugly ideas on how consent works. Really don't like her in this fic.
5/30 c17 246vili
And so the Harem shenanigans begins.
Actually that's not such a bad idea from Summer, in it's own twisted way.
She knows it's a losing fight in the long run and that Ozpin weren't able to win with a whole Clan worth of Silver eyed warriors.
So she does the best she could to ensure the safety of her girls and her future descendants.
And what better way than marrying them into literally the ONLY family on Remnant that Salem will not harm.

Keep up the good work.
5/30 c17 hirshja
Ya... everyone but Weiss is wrong here, there's absolutely no way this would hold up in court if Jaune wants it annulled, since he was coerced. It's not even he said-she said any more because Summer basically just admitted to it in front of like 20 people.

Honestly this whole arc was in bad taste though. Summer went out of her way to try to force Jaune, who she just met, to marry her daughters. the entire thing is 50 shades of creepy. What's worse is that Qrows reaction, as the kids uncle, wasnt "wtf Sum, what about what the kids want?" but "bu- bu- bu- Salem".
5/29 c17 5redandready45
Yeah, this chapter leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

Summer coercing Jaune into marrying her daughters is just...(shuddering). None of that should in any way be legal, and her reasoning is still incredibly flimsy.

And I feel bad for Weiss, since nobody seems to respect her feelings for Jaune. Pyrrha may mean well, but her affection for Jaune is just incredibly shallow.
5/29 c17 10PLPanda
okay, but Summer might need to realize that right now, it's 50/50 survival. it depends if Salem is more happy with Jaime being married or displeased with him getting forced into it
5/29 c17 Cheshirek3t
My cheeks are hurting now
I'm barely containing my laughter
This is pure chaos
I love it
5/29 c17 Guest
As a WhiteKnight fan, Weiss’s POV in this chapter was really sweet.
Also, what the hell, Summer? When did she go nuts, and when are we going to get an explanation as to her relationship with Salem?
And Blake, just because it’s literature doesn’t mean it ain’t smut.
5/29 c17 RanmaChaos
Thanks for another wild chapter
5/29 c17 6bennet001
Huh... you know when you line them all up you really can distinguish the crazy from the sane from the atypical. So much madness in one area things are bound to get weird. Will the laws of nature and physics start to break apart or will reality just implode on itself into a single happily ever after route? Maybe Jaune will be an idiot and try to calm this mess down and seek a logical and unintuitive way forward... or he’ll be swept along by madness and instantly into marital bliss. Summer, Phyrra, I’m looking at the both of you; keep your wits about you or something out of the 4th dimension might just break your plans.
5/29 c17 bwooodlord
a lot to discuss lads

welp looks like the only one who wins here is ruby
5/29 c17 Cooldude
I’m guessing that Jaune’s going to explain that he was forced, coerced and threatened into signing it. I doubt he’s very happy with Salem either. He’ll probably scream and rant at her explaining how he doesn’t want this and just wants a normal life. He’d tell her how he hates her and that he’s leaving or something.
5/29 c17 asonia99
Wut, this is weird, why would all those girls indulge Ruby' "crushes"? Jaune would cave in like a whimp for plot reasons, but unless all the girls turned lesbians/bis, than Rubes getting with Jaune to bang the girls that don't want to bang with her is just weird, and almost NTR shit.
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