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for Aunt Salem

12/3 c19 47Logar3
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IVE CAUGHT UUUUUPPPPP! Please lord let there be more of this! I absolutely adore the this fic, and really wanna see everyone get their happy ending!
10/25 c19 1Wicked.A
Awesome story so far
10/11 c19 Mikhail Sharon
7/18 c2 Guest
This is a lot like “My False Love Academia”
6/19 c1 1Michael Warfstache
I really hope you come back to this story
6/12 c19 Guest
Forgot how much I like team Jnpr cult
5/22 c19 Hoppen
Great story. I love all your stuff so if you ever pick this up again it do a spicy spin off. I’ll gladly be reading it
4/20 c19 keeganmoore99
Amazing work. I hope to see more in due time.
3/19 c1 5Nysk
I do hope there will be more of this tale! Even if you feel you need to do a re-write as some authors do with their stories.
Very enjoyable so far!
May life find you well!
3/8 c19 ER-47
Great story
2/26 c17 Nysk
Do hope there will be more of this someday!
I generally enjoy what I have read of your work and will continue to do so.
Thanks for writing and hope life finds you well!
2/26 c12 Nysk
Awesome story so far.
Very enjoyable character interaction and build-up IMHO.
1/16 c6 Guest
This is one of the best writings style and plot I’ve read great job:)
12/3/2022 c4 Dasgun
10/18/2022 c1 Zero
Somehow this kind of stories are always funny...
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