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9/22 c15 Vigriff
Only now does Jaune realize how deep in shit creek he's in.
9/22 c13 Vigriff
Bandit King Jaune has a good ring to it.
9/19 c8 Vigriff
I'm deeply touched by Ren's pov, even if it is disturbing in some ways.
9/19 c7 Vigriff
I loved how baffled Cinder is.
9/19 c6 Vigriff
I find the Faunus religion interesting.
9/19 c5 Vigriff
Weiss would make an excellent Sith Lord.
9/19 c3 Vigriff
If this story wasn't being played for comedy. it would have fallen into horror.
8/26 c5 Cooldude101011
I hope someone actually is a good influence on Jaune.
8/24 c6 Essiter1987
I love this, was honestly expecting a bit of Lancaster, after last chapter, but kind of afraid of what t would look like, after all of this. Still, loving the crazy!
8/24 c4 Essiter1987
Just the fact of how Crazy Jaune's team is in this, is making me laugh. Also that last line, lol.
8/24 c3 Essiter1987
Having seen the meme of Ice Queendom's Pyrrha, a crazed Cultist Pyrrha isn't that hard to swallow. I loved this whole chapter.
8/23 c1 Essiter1987
One chapter in and I already love it.
8/22 c19 4Cadaver1041
I guess thanks for spelling out her objectives, but I’m more confused that people didn’t get that was her objective from the get go. You do what you have to to survive, especially against a literal force of nature that just about can’t reason with. Summers making a hard choice, and sorry about everyone who gave you a hard time over her admittedly rational choice.
8/21 c19 3Fyr RedNight
Brilliant work on this chapter! This story is really getting even better by the chapters, looking forward to the next!
8/20 c19 MiaMorn
Great read
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