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3/6 c1 Cheshirek3t
3/6 c13 246vili
Ah, so that was Raven's plan. She counted of Salem's followers not admiting to Salem they failed in protecting Jaune.
Too bad she hadn't considered someone else (Sun) telling this to another agent of Salem (Lionhearth), who will no doubt pass it on to Salem.

Poor Jaune, trying to make new friends, but Raven doesn't let him.

Keep up the good work.
3/6 c7 Guest
Roman is fucking smart, the bastard.
3/6 c13 1TheReckless1One
This actually answered a question I had about Salem's ability to blend in to Jaune's home and go to events with them and not get attacked. So she uses her magic to make herself look like her original blond self. That is cool.

Excellent chapter, hope to read more soon.
3/6 c13 bwooodlord
woohooo new chapter
3/5 c13 2010si
juane doubts about weiss
What will come of this
3/5 c13 1Argus456
I can't help but think Raven will just grab Jaune at the last minute and hightail it out of there. Seriously, this feels like what this Raven would do.
3/5 c13 Guest
Great chapter
3/5 c13 0akarigan0
Jajajajaja maravilloso, la calma antes de la tormenta. Me encanta. Y Raven esta loco perie se tituló lo tiene bien ganado. Espero con ansias el próximo capítulo muchas gracias.
3/5 c13 11PLPanda
in the summary, you've forgotten to mention Fox, who is having an existential crisis and not only because his existences might end at any moment when he looks at Pyrrha
3/5 c13 RanmaChaos
Thanks for Another excellent chapter
3/5 c13 8MogtheGnome
D’awww, the ear pets
3/5 c13 RebelKR
Now all we missing is Salam's reaction to the news that Jaune was kidnapped for everything to get even more crazier hahahaha.
3/5 c13 asonia99
But like, after Jaune's back, what stops Salem from going murder on her?
3/5 c13 X3runner
I’m guessing vernal is this close to joining the let’s potentially give Salem more greate ect... grandbabys to spoil. Also did Nora put herself up into the harem roster by herself or is she including her renny as part of the package(giving Blake if she ever finds a out potential nose bleed exsanguination)
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