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for Aunt Salem

5/29 c17 RanmaChaos
Thanks for another wild chapter
5/29 c17 6bennet001
Huh... you know when you line them all up you really can distinguish the crazy from the sane from the atypical. So much madness in one area things are bound to get weird. Will the laws of nature and physics start to break apart or will reality just implode on itself into a single happily ever after route? Maybe Jaune will be an idiot and try to calm this mess down and seek a logical and unintuitive way forward... or he’ll be swept along by madness and instantly into marital bliss. Summer, Phyrra, I’m looking at the both of you; keep your wits about you or something out of the 4th dimension might just break your plans.
5/29 c17 bwooodlord
a lot to discuss lads

welp looks like the only one who wins here is ruby
5/29 c17 Cooldude
I’m guessing that Jaune’s going to explain that he was forced, coerced and threatened into signing it. I doubt he’s very happy with Salem either. He’ll probably scream and rant at her explaining how he doesn’t want this and just wants a normal life. He’d tell her how he hates her and that he’s leaving or something.
5/29 c17 asonia99
Wut, this is weird, why would all those girls indulge Ruby' "crushes"? Jaune would cave in like a whimp for plot reasons, but unless all the girls turned lesbians/bis, than Rubes getting with Jaune to bang the girls that don't want to bang with her is just weird, and almost NTR shit.
5/29 c17 3Fyr RedNight
This chapter was hilarious...

This story is getting better and better!
5/29 c17 simm36
me gusto buen capitulo
5/29 c17 MANIFISTO
Great as always, sorry for doing this in this way but your Twitter says child of remnant instead of aunt salem i don’t have twitter i just have a webpage on your account specifically for finding your stories
5/28 c17 6memefarius
Poor jaune having no choice whatsoever. And poor Weiss things were finally going her way. Ridiculously funny chapter tho, i liked it
5/28 c17 AssassinBlaze
this harem plot twist is a real put off, especially summer. so i hope u have a plan where only weiss ends up with him because this is just too crazy and stupid, i dont usually write comments about my dislikes but this is just too much
5/28 c17 MetalMakerMage
For the life of me I still can't figure out if Ruby has a crush on Jaune or if he's just her best friend that she's wanting to use for access to cute girls in this story.
5/28 c17 Guest
Summer's not being particularly likeable here. Hashtag Team Weiss. That the marriage contract was basically coerced feels like a factor that's not been considered yet.

Poor Jaune doesn't get a say in anything, does he?
5/28 c17 boi17
This story is funny and all but I really am not liking how Jaune is being forced to marry Yang and Ruby. Also Summer forced him to sign it and even threatened him that grounds to have it annulled. Plus Ruby and Yang had no knowledge of this meaning they couldn't have given their consent which is also grounds for annulment.
5/28 c17 No. Stop that
I see that you tried to make it funny, but it came off as creepy and irritating instead. Just a lot of not okay things and being too over the top. The plot, if you can call it that, is horribly rushed and forced here. The comedy is much the same, and together it's just a mess.
5/28 c17 6Six02
All hell was about to break loose, but then Ren intervened with a sharp, "Hold on!" that was punctuated by Nora screaming "REN IS TALKING NOW!" as she brandished Magnhild.

That Line broke me.

Also damn it Neptune trying to put on the moves right away.

Also God damn it Ruby, you multi sexual broken mess!
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