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5/28 c17 4DaDragon562
Lmao at the craziness and Weiss doing shit same time as Jaune
5/28 c17 1PersonaNinja Lux
When Qrow is the sane one there is something terribly wrong with the world
5/28 c17 8MogtheGnome
I... I actively dislike this latest plot twist in this chapter. Just, all of it.

It skeeves me out a lot.
5/28 c17 0akarigan0
Ah Summer, eres una super mamá que hará todo para proteger a sus hijas.

La locura que se desarrolla en este capitulo es genial, sabes que el sentido común a saltado al barranco cuando la esplicacion más realista biene de una trama porno. Jejeje.

Magnífico trabajo espero con ansias el próximo capítulo muchas gracias.
5/28 c17 43EmD23
I know this is a comedy, but forcing a minor into a contract really, really, pissed me off lmao I think Summer just instantly became my most hated character
5/28 c17 doomqwer
i mean he not legally married yet it would have to be filed with court and signed off on by a judge and a good lawyer could probably annul it as he was forced to sign it under duress
5/28 c17 5Fox Boss
I can't wait to see how Weiss explains everything to Jaune.
5/28 c17 1Argus456
Kind of worried for Ruby there though so long as she's happy I guess it's fine...maybe?

Still, I doubt things will go any smoother should they all agree to go to Argus(something Winter would be all for, or rather the Atlas base located there where she can requisite reinforcements)

At least everybody's together again and explanations can be given and arrangements can be made.
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
5/28 c17 jcollet2000
I don't think that compulsion under threat/duress is equivalent to consent so there is probably legal ground to annul the marriage.
5/28 c17 2Brave2000
I just love it how jaune is perpetually lost, confused, without a clue of what's going on. I would love it to finally see him confront the situation though.
5/28 c17 12D.N.Works
I'm kinda not liking Summer here. I get she's trying to make her daughters nice and safe, but the way she just forced Jaune into marrige...uh. Hopefully Jaune can get out of this, as even Yang doesn't seem to like it.
5/28 c17 vjnbkmlf
Nice Boat, Jaune!
5/25 c16 fluke2441
I just want to thank you for writing this! I was reading it while I was at work, acme had to contain myself from bursting out with laughter. There was so much comedic gold, and it was a joy to read! I'm looking forward to what comes next!
5/22 c16 7Nain Tarlow
Awesome chapter. The harem cannot be stopped by mere words, especially when a certain Rose doing her best to force the idea down Jaune's throat. Looking forward to the next chapter
5/21 c16 Cooldude
Add on: Also I think Jane wouldn’t be very happy with his Aunty. Maybe he can rant to her that he just wanted a normal school life and that she ruined it for him. Perhaps he walks out while stating that he’s quitting and going back home.
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