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5/16 c16 246vili
Good news to Pyrrha that Salem aprooves of her dating Jaune.
5/15 c16 12Bomberguy789
I'm curious, and I admit this curiosity partially stems from my dislike of the idea that being born into a family automatically guarantees any traits good or bad because it feels too much like "fate" rather than "choice" and I'm a big believer in total free will of all kinds-
Getting off topic.
What I was curious about was simple; has there ever been an Arc that disappointed Salem? Grew up to be a bad person, or joined Ozma, that sort of thing? Every family has their black sheep, and honestly I'd just be really down to see Salem's perspective of it. "The one who left and never came back," or something along those lines I guess. I get this is a parodic comedy series, so asking for "the deep lore" is kind of a misunderstanding of the subject material, but... eh, it just interests me.

Beyond that, it was very heart warming seeing Tyrian's confession to Ren, just as I appreciated Ren acknowledging that they can't decide for Jaune what he will want. And my respect for Neptune increases with pretty much every word that leaves his mouth, if he wasn't so insecure with his dancing ability he'd be the coolest dude in the Artic circle. Keep up the great work!
5/15 c16 1The Exiled Darkness
If they end up in Argus, you could always just do the ‘steal an atlas airship’ thing since they’d refuse to help them out cuz of Blake and potentially Marrow. With how... devout... they are, stealing the ship (or ships) would be more... enthusiastic.
5/15 c16 Guest
Amazing chapter
5/14 c16 1Argus456
While I should be questioning why the Specialists are cooperating instead of running off on their own(given who is in command) I am bewildered by how Tyrian's craziness was just an act, not in a bad way mind you, just laughing and going 'Dawww' at the familial moment.
5/14 c16 3The Mexican Taco Overlord
Oh God, Salem is definitely the worst of them all, she ships him so hard lmao
5/14 c16 isoulmani
Why is this soo good. I love crack ficks and Jaune is a near blank canvas to write on like a light novel protagonist but this story is easily one of the best of its type I have ever read. The characters seamlessly blend into cannon adjacent versions of themselves while still being wholly unique to the setting. I think what really makes me like it are the small moments like this chapter though. There is a lot of high paced action and skullduggery going on behind the scenes but every character has believable motivations that they act on. People are greedy and act in self interest while being committed to their cause just as much. Even the craziest zealots know when to be calm and how the tone it down in mixed company. The story feels like a living world where you can imagine what people are doing off screen. Sometimes we even get to see that. TLDR. The story is great and you rock. I can’t wait to see everyone converge on the target to zany results.
5/14 c16 Guest
Wholesome Dad!Tyrian is both really sweet and hella confusing. I’m just so happy Ren and Nora have a loving father figure.
And it’s nice to see Ren respect Jaune for who he is, not just because of his “Auntie.” The rest of team JNPR probably does as well, but, ironically, the only person who has been as direct about liking him for who he is is Weiss.
5/14 c16 X3runner
I mean deans analisis of jaune makes it seem like he woukd bumble his way into a polygamous relationship in order to try abs keep everyone happy once he figures out that he would make a lot of people he seems to care deeply for sad by shooting to be with only one person even if it what he would inherently prefer. Jaune’s people pleasing yet happy go lucky nature would lead him to go for the path of more happy people that in itself marking him happy. Also I’m gonna guess Tyrian having cut off ren before he could finish his statement will misinterpret his sons intent as asking for help with getting with the blond “Holy man” also I wonder what Salem will do with thr though of a small legion of grandbabys coming from her favorite descendent. Loved the chapter the only thing that surprises me is that Saphron and terra did not ask jaune to be the donor for little adrien I mean his model looks like a mini dark skin version of the photo of jaune that is on Saphron wall. Good chap
5/14 c16 7The Archivist of Nyx
Getting this out of the way first: Nora finds out Tyrian is dating Weiss' mom and that she now not only has Weiss as a sister, but Winter as a Big Sister and Whitley as a Little Brother. How massive is the blast wake from her exploding in elation at her new large family?

Now, on to the rest: I do like the interaction between Ren and Em, with him helping to ease her worries over everything. And Tyrian acknowledging he isn't exactly the sanest person alive and knows he can be a raving lunatic with Salem, but he's glad he was able to raise Ren and Nora to turn out as well as they have and everything was just so heartfelt and emotional.

And as Ren put it: Everyone is expecting Jaune to go along with their ideas, but no one has actually asked him himself how he feels, and it's clear he only has eyes for Weiss. I can see them still trying to convince him to reconsider, but the long and short of it is: They don't know what Jaune thinks.

Definitely can not wait for the eventual Mantle adventures. Keep it up and never lose that brilliant flame

5/14 c16 43EmD23
Ren said what I was thinking. Jaune only likes Weiss lol
5/14 c1 Guest
Eh, I guess this is alright.
5/14 c16 RanmaChaos
Thanks for another excellent chapter
5/14 c16 6Six02
I actually have quite a few things to say about this one.
First I loved it, reading the bits and pieces is always amazing but actually reading all of them together and composed this way is just wonderful. You are a really amazing writer.

I loved Vernal's point of view, and her quick descent into madness once she realized that this could make Raven happy. It was, 'They are all nuts to, oh hey this could make me look good in front of Raven!'

Also god damn it Yang, not everything is a competition. Another thing i noticed was the slip up in Ruby's crush. I'm assuming she's got a thing for Pyrrha? Also good on Jaune for only wanting to be with Weiss, despite all of the crazy people in his life. Also Poor Weiss, she probably has a remnant sized headache at this point.

Ren was just full of heartwarming today, his talk with Emerald was so sweet I was afraid that Nora would get worried. But I'm glad he was there to provide actual clarity on the situation being the most levelheaded one. Then his conversation with Tyrian was also incredibly adoring and sweet.

I also honestly was a bit worried that Salem didn't really care for any of the Arc's, but it's nice to see that she still really does and it warms my heart. I love how it'st he cooking that pushed her toa Yes.
5/14 c16 0akarigan0
Jajajajaja ja, así que el buen tío va por la reina de hielo. Me encantó el capítulo.

No sólo es Jaune, también desarrollas muy bien a los demás personajes.

Siempre es Jaune quien crea el Harem, pero ahora no lo busca y aún así lo obtuvo. Es un don.

Espero con ansias el próximo capítulo muchas gracias.
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