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13h c96 Q
Late questions did the brother gods create the star wars galaxy and the Force? Is the rest of the galaxy in danger of being wiped out alongside Remnant by GoD if Salem wins?
8/11 c96 Silverfox3456
Let Jaune and his team go with Galen and the others. I want the whole Pack to be together. So that way, when the Empire returns, Galen and his friends will be ready for them. Also Ironwood, you just went into the deep end. When I first saw you I thought you would be a good general who cares about helping people, but now, I have second thoughts about you. I now see you, as a paranoid coward. He’s saying he’s helping people, but he’s not he’s making it worse. His fear is eating away his will, he’s going to get it together soon or he’ll become the very thing he’s fighting against.

That’s all! Thanks! Who’s awesome? You’re awesome! PS: Sorry for not seeing the Legends part. Sorry about that. PPS: All the planes and jets that are in this story, are they from the Ace Combat video games?
8/11 c96 454godamora
ok this chapter really confirms it for me: you are very much an Ace Combat fan. And I don't know what that is!
8/11 c96 BlindFaunusGirl
Great chapter, the dog fight was really well written. Kalani talking to Galen, and Ruby was good too. Okay I wasn’t expecting the holocron to reveal that. But I like it. I am glad that you found a way to get Ruby to be a Y-Wing gunner. I also like that you had her flying with Ahsoka while Galen is in the F-20. You actually have me not minding Cordovan, I think you nailed Ironwood’s stubbornness and paranoia perfectly.
8/11 c96 8Jack Smith1
Nice work! I can't wait to see more, Hmmm Could the Rebellion start to Salvage old Clone Wars Vehicles Like the Venators and AT-TEs?

That'd help them immensely considering The Venators and AT-TEs were the best things invented in the Star Wars Galaxy.
8/11 c96 5Luffy L Deathwalker
It's Yong Bosch not Young Bosch. Sorry for being nitpicky about Johnny's name but I've met the guy once and trust me his last name is spelt Yong Bosch. That being said pretty good my friend time for th fang to be stopped
8/2 c95 Luffy L Deathwalker
never was a fan of strike witches
8/1 c95 Mr.Shades42
I haven't seen strike witches.
7/30 c95 Silverfox3456
Are you going to do the final battle with Adam Taurus? He must be stopped before more innocent lives are lost. He is a cruel, evil, power-hungry and heartless monster. He needs to be put down.

And the large group that Galen has; Teams RWBY, GARM, JNR, Qrow, Faye, Kara, Boba Fett, Captain Rex, Commanders Cody, Fordo, Alpha, Thorn, Stone, The Bad Batch, Fives, Echo, Hevy, Hardcase, Thire, Jek, Rhys, Lop, Maria, Ahsoka, Zett, Able and recently General Kalani; I thought of a name fore the large group; The Pack. What do you think?

Also, Remember the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Are you by any chance gonna introduce Cal Kestis and the crew he’s on meet Galen and his friends? Or what about Ezra Bridger and the rebels he traveled with? Are you going to introduce them to Galen and his friends? Just a suggestion. Hope you think about it.

That’s all! Thanks! Who’s awesome? You’re awesome! PS: About the Inquisitor that Galen fought on Tattoine, I know who she is, but I’m not going to spoil it.
7/30 c95 SPARTAN-626
Nice work on Mara here and good chapter as always, thou I think could of used more lightsaber usage or more force powers with Mara here but thats just me. And yes may God bless that man for bring life to a great long lasting character with his awesome voice
7/29 c95 SunPhoenix90
Sweet favorites and nice on the Strike Witches. That's another anime I need to finish watching. Which Optimus Prime is your favorite? I'm tied between Armada Prime and TFP Prime. Perrine always seemed like she had a stick up her backside if she's who I think she is. Whenever you decide to start your TFP story I'll be one of the first to start reading it. Beast Machines is a kinda good but sorta bad sequel to Beast Wars. You can watch Beast Wars in HD on some playlists on YouTube
7/29 c95 25Darth Cody
So regarding March's Atlas gear:
Keep the top hat, of course,
Give him a light green winter jacket with faux fur lining around the collar, like Trevor's cloak from the Castlevania series but as a jacket instead of a cape,
Green Ski pants with yellow accents,
A pair of dark olive green boots.
7/29 c95 BlindFaunusGirl
Good chapter, was nice to see what Mara Jade has been up to. Good dog fighter as always. I was a little surprised about the Ties but then remembered that the Empire would certainly be returning to Remnant. I am always impressed that you can work in so many characters.
7/23 c94 SPARTAN-626
Hmm not bad here got a whole spy feel to this and nice with having a Sherlock Holms based character here and nice work with what you did with my OC here very well done and good action as always
7/23 c94 5Luffy L Deathwalker
So you created a character based on Sherlock Holmes huh? nice could be useful in a battle of wits against the perversion of Watson in Atlas when we finally get to the Atlas Arc
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