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6/2/2003 c1 gutterfiend
First there were no 'bad ending' stories and now there are three... Personally I like the happy ending better but I think the sad ending would make for a better fic. Anyway, that was pretty dark, but very cool.
5/31/2003 c1 aegis
Huh...I've never seen her eyes brown...I'm pretty sure they're blue. The train thing probably was just the light.

Wow...Yuri goes through a lot of mood swings here. I feel kind of sorry for Franz, actually (getting a pole brandished at him and all...)

Hmm. I guess the only thing I'm wondering is, why did Margarete go alone to get him? And why did she leave him alone?

We need to have one of those writing challenges or whatever. Someone has to write a believable story where Alice dies and Yuri does not. Just to see if it can be done. Honestly, I think that with all the people Yuri's already lost, Alice would be the last straw and just completely send him over the edge. But Alice wouldn't want him to die (or else what did her sacrifice mean?)

Hm...that's a hard one.
5/31/2003 c1 13Aberlemno
Alice is using coloured contact lenses! Or maybe she's on drugs. . .

What kinda drugs would change your eye colour? Maybe everyone *else* is on drugs so they're hallucinating her changing eyes.

Or maybe I should shut up. Or at least say something halfway relevant.

I love this idea, because I did think at the sad ending that Yuri did not appear to be as sad as I'd have thought! It wasn't very long before he started talking about "keeping on fighting", this from a guy who said "the day I fail to protect you is the day I die too." Even though she did die to save him which was a good point brought up from Miss Ma'am there.

Suicide keeps coming up today. . . .Maybe it's a bad omen. . .I don't know, it's just lately everyone I know seems to be talking about suicide and now it's spread here. Dammit, I thought all the suicidey stuff was outta my life. . .Although I'm not complaining about the fic because it's brilliant.

Heh, humour fic. The natural anti-depressant. OOh, SH humour fics on the NHS! Now there's an idea. ( A *bad* one, but at least it's an idea, which is more than I normally have.)

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