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6/17 c10 AWantOfEternalLife
I’m super snubbing my nose at Esme right now. I’m ten chappies in and all I can think is how taken for granted Carlisle is. It’s like Alice, Eddy, and Esme didn’t even acknowledge Carlisle as an individual with thoughts and feelings. I’m glad for the interaction between Rosalie, Emmet, and Carlisle though. It felt very much that moment when the person you look to as a parent becomes more human-more real- than the entity who’s only purpose is to care for you.

Ugh. The thought of your version of Edward makes me want to cringe
6/7 c15 6VeldanTwilight
Aro is the best! I loved this chapter!
6/5 c15 ksyushangel
Aro is great)
let him stay that way)

Carlisle obviously needs a minute to process everything that happened to him in such a short time)))
Such a blow in an unchanging system for many years. It must be a shock;) He needs to adjust.

Thanks for the update;)
6/2 c15 Hstevens
Lol wow can’t wait for more...this has me smiling while I read it :)
5/30 c15 5PigeonBrain
Who knew I would squee over the romance between Carlisle and Bella?

Also, I look forward to seeing Daddy!Carlisle, and his lamenting over how fast they grow up these days.
5/30 c15 2LoganLiet
lmao what a wonderful friend he is
5/29 c15 traceybuie
I approved of the serious conversation between Aro and Carlisle as well as the teasing Aro did to him. :) Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/28 c15 3Tobalerone
Aro is a delight, truly
5/27 c15 2Kayozm
5/27 c15 Kayozm
Haha, yes! Aro makes everything better. Well, not always, but he was sure fun here.
5/26 c15 Vivi H88
Great chapter can't wait till the next one
5/25 c15 Shadow-Mistress
I don’t often leave reviews for a few reasons: a lot of authors seem to be upset if you offer constructive criticism, I don’t know if authors skip over a reviews that aren’t 100% positive so it seems pointless to review. That being said, this last chapter made me want to leave a review. I enjoyed seeing Aro actually portrayed as a friend to Carlisle, with an eccentric personality; not just a crazy killer. When Aro started laughing at Bella and Carlisle, I did too! I am truly liking your Carlisle character. I almost gave up on this story because the chapters are so far apart, but I’m glad I haven’t yet. I fully agree that Edward didn’t actually love Bella and I’m glad someone said as much. I thought it was great that you had Carlisle refer to his ‘family’ as a coven. Relatives are people you’re connected to by marriage or blood. Family are the people you choose. Family is supposed to stick together no matter what. Some family he has. They all jumped ship when the going got tough. Alice is by far one of the most selfish characters and a coward. When Bella realized Jasper and Alice were leaving, I wished she said “at least you’re saying goodbye this time. Don’t come back this time”. I wouldn’t want a friend that drops me like a bad habit whenever they want. The chapters are a bit short for my taste and considering length of time between new ones, but I’m looking forward to seeing some more progression and less self loathing. Good luck with your next chapters!
5/25 c15 3angelaneahwalker
yup! aro is what was missing!
5/25 c15 HollyPearl
It’s a sign that I suck as a reader that I just started this story today (and binged all 15 chapters) because I thought the summary was a Jacob/ Bella story, and I’m anti-Jacob. Only to finally clue in, reread the summary carefully, see it’s actually Carlisle, and then love every word. Lots of moments made me laugh out loud. Love Aro in this. Love how clueless Carlisle continues to be. Sad about Jasper’s willingness to ditch. Good riddance to Esme. Keep the updates coming!
5/25 c15 RosieDunne
I love Aro
Thanks for the chapter!
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