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for The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer

12/24/2022 c34 Ushindi
Cool chapter! I'm looking forward to see more of Wendy's role in this arc. Hope Haru finds a way to deal with Cobra.

1. Will Natsu gain a Dual Dragon Slayer magic mode like his canon self?

2. Will Happy get a Battle mode like Lily?
12/14/2022 c33 Guest
I didn't expect Jura of all people to be so naive
12/14/2022 c7 Guest
When you think about it, if you swapped Natsu's and Haru's names then literally nothing would change.
12/14/2022 c5 Guest
I bet Erza has killed hundreds of people considering the amount of people she leaves bleeding out
11/24/2022 c34 3Thicc-Chungs
enjoyed the chapter. I'm gonna guess that little Wendy will take the first option. but I think that a small arc would be good after the hirvana is done and if wendy joins fairy tail. natsu could take wendy on a life lesson where he shows her the darker side of the world but nothing bad for her to have a better understanding of herself and what she wants to become before officially joining fairy tail at the guild.

hope to read the next chapter soon.
11/24/2022 c34 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent chapter
11/23/2022 c33 hitadaayumi
please update soon
10/27/2022 c1 Ltbutterfly287
The Dragon God concept is kind of meh. It's and obvious flimsy justification for natsu to be some broken motherfucker from day 1.
10/11/2022 c9 Aedwards179
why does he care about her so much? they barely know eachother
10/8/2022 c5 12Write Your Wrongs
“It’s not manly to kill people” Masculinity has nothing to do with it. Some people are irredeemable. I would have thought that in a universe such as Fairy Tail’s that concept could not be any clearer.
10/3/2022 c33 Ushindi
Cool chapter, it's good your schedule has more to now.

1. So will Wendy join Natsu instead of joining Fairy Tail?

2. Who are your favorite characters from Fairy Tail?
9/28/2022 c33 3Thicc-Chungs
glad that tie story is hopefully back. re read the last chapter to know what will happen in this one. one thing that popped up to me is how unfortunate ur is. it would be good to see her have her full body back cos I feel sorry for her missing limbs. Delores demonic blood/magic can be coursing her more harm, so natsu helps ur with controlling the demonic power and mixing it with her ice yous being stronger. I think it could be could also to get them closer and maybe. have a pairing with her involved. natsu x ulterior x ur.

but hope to see the progress of this story and any new arcs to come
9/28/2022 c33 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
6/27/2022 c32 zzkaizer
Oooh can’t wait for the next chapter XD
Keep up the excellent work :D
6/27/2022 c29 zzkaizer
Could always add Mavis to Natsu’s mates XD
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