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for The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer

9/17 c30 2Kriim-Sauce786
it would be good for natsu to just sort the mess out with the cult rather than fight Fimir. I do hope Ur continues to show her disappointment towards grey and Lyon. It could be a foreshadow of the pain of hurt she feels that they didn't grow strong like they were meant to and move on from her death instead of turning cold or becoming mad.

I kinda was thinking of if natsu will get another element or aspect of his magic.
9/12 c30 Ushindi
I love the characteristics of Ur, it's sweet and cool. By the way I changed my name from Amanny to Ushindi.

I'm excited to see Ur and Ultear testing their might against Fimir.
8/14 c4 happypoopy12
Bruh just give us the harem no pairing we want all the girls bro
7/28 c28 BoredAsUsual34
dunno if ya would like the suggestion concerning wendy but maybe during the time he wandered around after he return to the realm of the living after training he was the one to find wendy instead of mystagan ( can't really remember how to spell the name correctly) and put her at the guild she is with currently and it would be interesting if natsu decided to adopt wendy maybe as a way to apologize to her for leaving her.
7/26 c29 Amanny
I love it the spar and the spells of Team Erza was good and Ultear combining both her Ice Make and Arc of Time was amazing. I'm looking forward to see more of her combining magic.

1. Is Natsu aware of the Dragon Festival and Acnologia?

2. Will the Twin Dragon Slayers meet Natsu?

3. What did you think of Makarov's decision to disband Fairy Tail?

4. Will Natsu get his own Exceed?
7/26 c29 15NinjaFang1331
Nice work
7/26 c29 2Kriim-Sauce786
if Ultears, ice can expands and come. out as shards when it is in the future and create a mist, then that could be a good special attack.

I feel like the second form of manipulation is from the condesnced magic from the weapon. say haru or natsu throew a spear of the element say fore, then it wod be dense and still ne stuck in the ground, no one could touch it as it is fire or put it out as it is dragin slaying flames. they could manipulate that stat further my dispensing it yet the fire is still present to still be used,

becasue he threw the spear it would be stuck in that spot so the opponent would believe that it is useless now. then when no one is expecting, they could connect to that magic and manipulate like maybe form a ring of fire, trapping them on and not able to move

if Wendy gets the treatment like Haru I csnt wait to see what could happen.
6/13 c28 skyrim Morrowind
This was amazing thank goodness that your not dropping it and good luck on those exams
6/12 c28 2alexthe8t
as always great chapter loved to moment between ur and ultear as well and the bew spells
6/12 c28 15NinjaFang1331
Nice work
6/12 c28 Amanny
Awesome chapter! I love the new spells Team Erza has learned, they look so cool! I love seeing Ur and Ultear bonding so well after so long.

1. Will Natsu get dragged in Edolas?

2. Who are your favorite characters?
6/12 c28 2Kriim-Sauce786
I enjoyed the chapter and the bonding between ur and ultear. I also like the small part with mavis and natsu, it would be nice to see more. and I think somehow, she could make natsu be more lively when he isnt doing any of his work. like smile a bit more and be patient with others.

with the fight that will be going on from the OCs, I kinda want to see then fail in a way. if the guy magic that fire was produced, it would be good to see that when it comes to fire magic, they may rely on haru too much, and once he is not on the mission, then they are kinda stuck.

Ultear is increasing her density of ice and making it more colder as well as more fire resistant, grey could start in that by making sure his ice can withstand some of the heat. Ultear is all natural, relying on the surroundings to better understand how ice magic works whereas grey would put more magic into his ice, to make it denser.

but anyway. I'm really enjoying the story even though it is taking time to upload, I like how the story is going. so keep up the work.
6/7 c27 mauricio11
hope you update this story soon
4/18 c27 Vincent balmes
Dude I hope their training will be complete soon man because I want to see the oracion seis arc man and the battle between them please I really wanna see it man
4/20 c27 Kriim-Sauce786
As this is following some of the canon story. I wanted to know that Natsu isn't bothered about acnologia. he is only there becasue he is cleaning up the souls that deserve to be taken and making sure the ones live on.

Does Natsu have a relationship with the royal family. he does go round killing even if it is to those he deserved. if it would, it would. be good to see his role as an executioner and how he is towards hisui. I think she would be curious as to why Natsu kills and how his magic work.

I feel like natsu should be seen with other guilds, like go to mermaid heel and see how some of the members are doing. like the guild master for one. it could be an arc on how he helped form the guild or something.

the idea of having shuriken or a kunai for ultear arsenal might seem a bit weak, but I have started to read some naruto fanfiction to get me into watching the rest if the anime, ultear and ur have roses or thorns in there ice creation and I think that that takes more. magic out of them, it is powerful and can be gould to subdue people and make the thorns slowly imbued them in the victim, but I thin, for Ultear to have a calm approach like with her arc of time. it can help her I believe to be stronger and conserve her magic and stamina.

lime say if the dragon invades, natsu before all that happnes, natsu could talk to a soul of a ice dragon to allow Ur and Ultear to have their ice as strong as dragons but they still have maker magic. this can allow Ultear and Ur to, when the dragon invades, throw Dragon ice Shurkien or something, which consumes their magic and feeds I to there ice and then sprouts the thorns and dig themselves into the dragons and invading them. they aren't able to kill the dragons as they dont have the power just the ice, but it still can be useful power up.

the ideas are farfetched from what I normally think of so I am not that concerned of it being considered
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