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for The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer

11/11/2020 c16 Vincent balmes
Oh so natsu uses a forbidden art huh that's cool I guess but I hope you make the next chapter of fairy tail soon bro may on November 30 or something but and to see the battle of fairy tail natsu vs laxus who will win the death dragon slayer or the lightning dragon slayer I wanna see that but before that let me see if natsu survives so see ya
11/7/2020 c16 Issou
I thought it was gonna be one of those bad emo stories, but so far you prove me wrong.

Really good writing, keep going.
11/7/2020 c16 Amanny
Amazing chapter, so the evil being that was inside Jellal has finally been defeated and Jellal gets to live. With Simon still alive Kagura won't try to kill Jellal. I'm looking forward to Erza's development
11/7/2020 c15 Amanny
I love this events you made, it's nice and cool. I know Haru and Gray will work together to stop Jellal
11/7/2020 c16 2Monxu Aki
Love it! Finally Jellal will be able to redeem himself, will he be joining Natsu in his crusade/exploits arround the world thus froming somewhat the first of Crime Sorciere?
11/6/2020 c15 Vincent balmes
I wonder if the grim reaper is gonna show up on the tower of heaven when natsu and jellal fight since he did so much crimes he's bound to be on his death list and natsu using more death dragon slayer magic and death god slayer magic too and some death dragon god slayer magic as well i hope to see this for myself soon
11/6/2020 c15 Vincent balmes
I wonder is the grim reaper gonna show up on the tower of heaven when n
11/2/2020 c12 One piecerules100
You can access new updates without a problem on the fanfiction app unlike the website at the moment.
10/31/2020 c15 NoBarNicholas
10/24/2020 c14 Amanny
Cool chapter. It was quite interesting and cool Millianna helped Lucy and Juvia to defeat Vildaldus
10/23/2020 c8 Azrael237
If you are going to keep some stuff the same as cannon please skip over it or not go into a lot of detail about that bit.
10/19/2020 c13 Monxu Aki
Wonderfull chapter! can't wait to read another one!
10/18/2020 c13 Amanny
Cool chapter. Will Natsu let Jellal live or just kill him?
10/11/2020 c12 Amanny
I like Haru and Natsu bonding as teacher and student, it will be fun to see how much Haru will learn from him. And also will Natsu spare Jellal and Laxus or killed them, or rather he scarred them?
10/11/2020 c12 1GreekfanFT
You don't need to waste words on fight scenes, if the winner is clear from the beginning. Your attempt to Natsu's bond with Haru is pretty good, considering their characters and the fact that your story is original in nature, in spite of the cannon events that it follows for the most part.
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