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for The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer

3/28 c26 Vincent balmes
Dude that was so uncalled for but I hope natsu beats the crap out of cobra man I mean c'mon man I wanna the battle with the oracion seis really soon I'm so excited about this dude please make the next chapter for haru's training extra longer than before I mean dude that way there's a training montague bro anyways i'll see you in the next chapter of fairy tail soon bro see ya dudes
3/27 c1 Guest
3/28 c26 gamboaramosivan3
Good chapter bro could you make a where natsu is paired with irene like them being the kings of dragonof please
3/26 c1 Guest
So ankherasm(?) the god of death doesn’t exist in this au either?
3/27 c1 Fireshot1234
3/27 c26 Amanny
Cool chapter. Looks like Natsu has new enemies he's going to face in the distant future.
1. Will Natsu face Acnologia or let Mavis save Fairy Tail?
2. Will Ur be powerful than before when she relearn her magic again?
3. How about Haru x Lisanna? If that's an okay pairing?
3/27 c26 2Kriim-Sauce786
I'm glad that ultear is just the pairing. maybe having ur involved in a one off thing would be fun but not something that will be happening alot.

I like how UR is still doing the cold region think experience the cold and understanding it. and the summit being the end goal is suffice. having like cold baths that have melted ice that don't freeze and sleeping with no bags or bed. could be good.

having dragon focus training is nice in this as I think that it can show more light to erza and grey about haru actually being raised by a dragon. I'm still gonna see how this plays out even though I was gutted that team erza came along. but it's cool.

why not do a akame ga kill the empire and revolutionary. I know that focus maybe a natza story but I love esdeath. it could like natsu and erza be transported there via the fairy sphere but come out at different time. erza near the canon but natsu way earlier. it might not make sense but it would help natsu be E.N.D and control its power of like amaterasu flames. he doesnt age now that he has unlocked hisndekon side and maybe the dragon side help slow down his aging. it would be nice for natsu and Esdeath to meet when she is a child, he helps put some positive ideologies but she still has the the strimger live in. natsu is stronger than her and can melt her ice but I think that esdeath would love natsu tovbe her brother. esdeath can be shown that she is conflicted with the empire ideals but she hides it well but I think that to natsu, she can tell all of it. natsu would help erza but he wouldnt join the fight. natsu helping her train and how she seems to get nightmares would be great bonding experience
3/26 c26 erasenpai946
If you want a romantic pair for Haru, do it with Lisana or Meredy after 7 years have passed.

PS: If the crossover you said is about the Natza story, you could do a crossover, in the world of How to train your dragon, or rather the 2 could get stuck in Black Clover joining the black bulls, it would be nice to see Natsu turning into one Asta's older brother Magna and it would be nice to see Erza getting annoyed with Vanessa hitting on Natsu.
3/26 c26 2ShadowGOUF
Whew I'm happy Ultear is Natsu mate I really love reading this story I'm getting chills to see what happens next.

Maybe Natsu will adopt wendy later in the future
3/19 c25 Ksfb1996
when is the next chapter coming hop you are in good health
3/8 c25 Guest
pls stay by only natsu and ultear
3/8 c25 Vincent balmes
Dude nice chapter hope I get to see the next one soon man and I hope natsu gets to meet wendy and shows judgement on the oracion seis man I can't wait to see what happens next soon bro see you soon dude
3/8 c25 Guest
Please leave it at natsu/ultear
3/9 c25 rodriguesmario995
I really liked the story, but I hope we have Erza as Natsu's second companion alongside Ultear.
3/7 c25 gamboaramosivan3
Hello, I would like the other couple to be irene belserion because they don't use her much in fanfics
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