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for The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer

2/21/2021 c24 Guest
No harem please!
2/22/2021 c24 aluca4510
I really hope that Erza is Natsu's second mate I would love a story of Natsu x ErI really hope that Erza is Natsu's second mate I would love a story of Natsu x Erza and Ultear please doza and Ultear please do
2/18/2021 c24 Guest
Please don't do Harem
2/17/2021 c24 ZhenieQT
Nicely done. I guess there will be no Oracion Seis Arc since as far as I remember Natsu knows where Jellal currently is and I think it will be your own arc but maybe I'm wrong so yeah I'm looking forward to it.
2/15/2021 c24 jeferrayane
Yes please add Erza as Natsu's second companion I love Naza as much as I love Natear (they are my 2 OTP couples)
2/13/2021 c24 Vincent balmes
Hey man it's been a while since I last saw you but I hope to see the next chapter of fairy tail soon and let natsu meet wendy and carla too and not to mention let him fight cobra and angel too from what they've been doing and also I hope too see it real soon dude
2/14/2021 c24 Imamob
I would like it to be just natear
2/13/2021 c23 skyrim Morrowind
Should have killed the ass hat
2/13/2021 c5 brandonmunoz499
The pairings should be ultear and mira!
2/13/2021 c5 brandonmunoz499
I fucken hate lucy dawg please dont pair him with her
2/13/2021 c3 brandonmunoz499
I say just ultear, but if it is multiple at most make it just 2 ultear and one more
2/13/2021 c24 15NinjaFang1331
Nice job
2/13/2021 c24 erasenpai946
I really hope we have natsu with Erza and Ultear (I love him with these 2 women please do that)
2/13/2021 c24 labortamox
i would prever just a NaTear, without erza.
we have a little number of stories with natear, but with natsu and erza... a lot.
so please, make this story just a natear, make them have a closer relantions ship, making a soul bond (natsu know how souls works, with his father help maybe could be possible) or something of that type, that transcend the physical plane
2/13/2021 c24 Al's Grey Ghost
natsu's cold personality freaks me out a bit,but nice story anyway,does natsu will achieve his stepfather's power like igneel's fire dragon king,if it is,it will be death dragon god
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