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for The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer

2/13/2021 c24 JemeryT
“Not a requirement to love each other “. Fuck you and your fanfiction fantasy that’s not how relationships work.
2/12/2021 c24 2Kriim-Sauce786
Live the chapter of the aftermath. Would have loved to see natsu's lovable side by helping the civilians out abit more.
Pairing. I would just keep it a single one. It can be a best friend one or a sibling one, but i don't think having her involved would be suitable, plus you have the 7 year time skip if your doing it.

I was a bit curious about when going on about fiary law. I know it originated from the black magic but in this I thought natsu knew or is going to learn the original spell but tweaked.

Anyway cannot wait for other chapters
2/12/2021 c24 Amanny
I think Natsu and Erza would be better of as siblings. I fully support Natear. I'm glad Laxus has finally learned his lessons. Will Ultear ever get along with Gray? Will Natsu be in Edolas?
2/9/2021 c23 JemeryT
Nearly always I am against multi pairings, but if there is going to be one, those 2 would be my picks Mira>Erza
2/9/2021 c1 JemeryT
I love fanfictions that revive ur
2/8/2021 c12 JemeryT
This is so much better than many popular fics where nothing changes and it’s literally canon but a fanfiction
2/8/2021 c2 JemeryT
Not sure if pairing has been decided but in order of preference, marijane, ultear, erza, kagura
2/7/2021 c1 2Ayushi00singh
Hey will you complete this story? Pretty please!
2/5/2021 c23 skyrim Morrowind
Amazing Story And I
2/1/2021 c9 skyrim Morrowind
1/31/2021 c23 ZhenieQT
Yap Laxus was beaten to a pulp and I'm curious on how will Natsu train Haru it's pretty interesting. I choose add Erza only. As much as I like Mira to be one of Natsu's mate I think it's impossible because as of now their interaction is so little and I don't think it will happen anytime soon because Mira is not an active mage anymore which means that most of the time she will be inside the guild and that means there is little to no chance that the relationship between the two grow unless Natsu join the guild which is unlikely because I have a feeling that Natsu is the one who will create Crime Sorciere. So yeah I think only Erza will be the more suitable addition as Natsu's mate.
1/24/2021 c23 Vincent balmes
I thought for sure that laxus was gonna get his ass kicked by natsu man but beggars can't be choosers I hope to see the next chapter soon about my birthday in february 1 man but still I just wanna see what happens next please I hope to see the next chapter in February dude maybe after my birthday I hope so see you soon bro
1/24/2021 c23 NekoMan
I choose Erza. Give this girl some love coz she deserves it.
1/25/2021 c23 MamiDesu
Ultear is my favorite girl but there is no problem adding another girl as natsu mate because I read a valid point on one of the reviews. But i think ultear and erza is enough. I agree on a review here regarding on how erza will fit as one of natsu mate. It is a good explanation actually short but literally on point. And on the killing issue people forget that in ToH Arc in manga ikaruga was killed by erza after receiving a deep cut on her torso but in anime vidaldus and fukuro save her after the tower exploded but still died because of the wound so erza is not really innocent. Even wendy had experience on killing after defeating ezel because he cannot be revive after mira destroy the lab and yes he was a demon but still it is considered a kill. Even the mighty zeref has been killed by mavis using the power of love or kiss which is hilarious. There are still many but it will be too long to point each so yeah their action contradict the no kill policy of their guild. Add to the fact that freed stop natsu from killing laxus so that means erza who earned natsu trust can balance or control natsu killing issue which is a good character development for common problem in pairings is the way it started sometimes it's a little bit too fast and sometimes too slow. The way author-san started and developed natsu and erza relationship was good not too fast but also not too slow which also allow for both of them to have a character development in the future. Author-san also said that people asked for it so why not, it is a win-win situation because there is no need to remove just adding one more mate. Good chapter author-san. Ja Ne.
1/23/2021 c17 Guest
As much as I like this story and a different Natsu, I feel like him being Natsu is kinda redundant since Haru is literally just Natsu with a different name and Natsu is basically just an OC.
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