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for The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer

1/23/2021 c14 Guest
I hope you realise that Trinity Raven is called that because it is a 3-man team, having 4 members would make no sense.
1/24/2021 c23 mauricio11
I don't think people from Fairy Tail would be use to natsu killing people because of there give people a second chance, so I think you should just keep it natear.
1/24/2021 c23 Miurai-Kai
I have no problem Natsu having 2 mates. Erza doesn't need to be acquainted to Ultear in a romantic way because that's not how Polygyny works and there's no rule in Polygyny that states that the co-wives need to be attracted to each other romantically. One example of this is Code Geass' Charles zi Britannia who has 108 wives including Marianne and she doesn't show any kind of affection to Charles' other wives even though she appeared for a short time on the series. They only need to be mutually supportive to their husband because they are co-wives and technically they are sisters so to be romantically attracted is not necessary. But I will choose Erza in this one. She is still fragile emotionally and the only person she can rely on is Natsu and maybe Makarov since he is her guild master. But still the only one I see than can break Erza to her shell is Natsu. If Natsu is not that childish in canon he is a good pair for Erza to be honest. Good job on this chapter. Looking forward for more.
1/23/2021 c23 Angel Extinction
Love it
1/23/2021 c23 Angel Extinction
love it
1/23/2021 c23 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update
1/23/2021 c23 mauricio11
nice chapter, looking forward to the next update. I think you should just keep it natear.
1/23/2021 c23 Amanny
I don't mind Natsu getting another mate as long he is happy. Next chapter will be the end of this arc and Laxus getting kicked outbof the guild. Is Laxus going to feel more guilty and ashamed of what he did than in canon or the same?.
1/23/2021 c23 1LilBoiaSenpai
Everyone asking for a harem like usual. I dont think I will ever understand why people like them in the first place. Let's evaluate this ff for example. Natsu has ultear for a mate, a lifelong mate something dragons usually have only one of, on an emotional level they have bonded over many things and for a great amount of time, how would it make sense for some other chick to suddenly come into that stablished relationship and expect it to work? Like yh OK let's say erza falls on love with natsu magically, does she love ultear too? Because I doubt she could love ultear too, which basically means that the harem would be X amount of women gravitating around some alpha male and ignoring all the other women which is mostly not possible and is a toxic relationship to be in. Thus harems are crap to develop romance and only enjoyable for those who lack it. Thus is my opinion.

Great chapter anyhow.
1/23/2021 c23 2Kriim-Sauce786
Loved the chapter. Not gonna lie. I thought Natsu would toy with Laxus and dominate him throughout the battle. He laxus would be struggling and have fear written all over his face. At the end he would have wished he was dead, but natsu would leave him to prove that Natsu was wrong on not killing him. Also, if it was a harem. I wouldn't wan't anyine from fairy tail to be in the harem. Maybe Mavis if she starts having feelings. After a little brother, sister relationship. But I see kagura fitting in morenbecssue she wants revenge and to kill. Anyone in fairy tail I would think wouldnt like natsu killing.
1/15/2021 c22 KageForce
Man, fantastic story! Really looking forward to more!
1/12/2021 c22 Vincent balmes
I wanna see the battle between natsu vs laxus who will be victorious the death dragon god slayer or the lightning dragon slayer I wanna see what happens soon its going to be my next birthday in february 1 soon enough man
1/13/2021 c6 1Writerpress
Please dont describe events that are happening exactly as they have in the anime. PLEASE. Also, try coming up with smaller description of people's attire. I think that will make your writing all the more alluring. Thanks for the story BTW.,
1/13/2021 c22 ZhenieQT
It's good right from the start. When it comes to pairings though I love Jellal, I think Erza should be one of Natsu's mate though their relationship started from bad but right now they really trust each other(that's how me and my girlfriend started too so yeah base on my own experience). And just like Erza said he can read her like an open book and made her realize that she needed to get over on her insecurities (girls love a guy who are not afraid to pinpoint your weaknesses and my girlfriend said it's not that hard to fall for a guy like that). And I think they can really balance each other like Yin and Yang, Light and Shadow, Life and Death yeah they polar opposite(Like me and my girlfriend too). And I'm sure their path will cross more often so the relationship between them develop more. Anyways that's just my two cents and good job writing this story.

PS: Sorry about the comparison it's just hard not to notice the relationship similarities between them and us in real life. Peace
1/12/2021 c22 Amanny
Bickslow's backstory was sad but I'm happy he still get to keep his siblings. Cool spells you gave to Mystogan. The grand finale will be epic and Natsu is about to pass judges on Laxus.
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