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for Come Tumbling Down

5/23 c36 Marycocke
Interesting story but great writing there hope you keep doing it
5/22 c36 TV Angel 711
Woah! Epic story! Epic chapter! Sturgis is still an asshole! Webb needs to be killed! Hopefully they find Mac soon! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Amazing!
5/22 c36 Guest
5/22 c36 21MAJ8395
Too bad Meg Austin wasn't hurt in the explosion. Or Sturgis. I know, I'm bad but those two...
5/22 c36 28minimindbender
Ahhhhhhh the suspense is killing me! Can’t wait for more!
5/17 c35 Guest
you cruel, cruel person! ;)
new chapter was good, no objection here, but you KNOW it's killing us not knowing how Mac is... so please, PLEASE come back soon and let us know!
and thank you for writing all this, I'm loving it!
5/17 c35 20fictionalmike
Without wishing to add pressure as a fellow author... Oh wow - please do not take too long to publish chapter 36! This should be spectacular, after the build-up. Mike
5/16 c35 TV Angel 711
Wow! Sturgis is an ass! Totally prick! Amazing chapter in an amazing story! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Fabulous!
5/16 c35 Marycocke
Excellent writing and I hope you keep writing it
5/16 c35 Guest
What a fucking asshole!
5/16 c35 Inkysplatt1
Let’s see will Rabb go outside and go to his Mentor A J Chegwidden or will he go to the JAG himself Biff Cresswell. Rabb won’t use IMes or Mattoni. Turner taken Robert’s.

So who ya gonna pick
5/16 c35 28minimindbender
Oh Sturgis you sanctimonious prig...he and Meg would make a good couple...
5/16 c35 21MAJ8395
I liked Sturgis when he first came on the show, but it didn't take him long to turn into a self-righteous, sanctimonious prig. And to assign Bud as prosecutor? What an ass!
4/25 c34 Camille
Wow, I love your fic ! Please another chapter ? Thanks
3/9 c34 Marieellen
Oh My God some needs to call for a sweeper for Clays old bag of a mother and for her nasty little boy
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