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8/1/2020 c1 31Moiloru
Aww, that was so cute! I'm more of a Kaimaki and Saimatsu shipper and see more Saimota as a brOTP, but this was great nonetheless!

I loved how you mirrored elements from V3 into this story like Kaede's departure, Kokichi revealing Maki's secret, or the training sessions; it works very well!

You did an excellent job writing Shuichi's character development, and how both Kaede and Kaito helped him open up to everyone. It was nice to see him gradually getting to befriend the others, while also keeping his distances with Kokichi (you won't get many friends among the Saiouma shippers for that!) and learning how to live a proper social life. I feel like the scene where he apologized to Maki for what had happened with Kokichi was greatly written, too.

As for the more romantic scenes, I found that Shuichi's concern about Kaito's possible feelings for Maki was really realistic. On the same topic, I think that you wrote his chat with Maki about her relationship to Kaito perfectly, and in a way that made Shuichi more confident about himself. Of course, Kokichi had to ruin right after, but considering how it finished, I suppose Shuichi got the last laugh, haha! Separating the confession and the first kiss scenes was a clever idea, and I think you pulled it off well.

This was a great story and I would love it if you decided to write a sequel! A well-earned fav from me!

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