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for Taking Chances

8/4 c1 11misa.pb16
I LOVE this ! I absolutely love everything, from the filet mignon sandwiches to how Michael reacted so..in character by blaming himself, should anything happen.
You know me for being one of those who live in banlieues, and I am shifting soon, to the south, in a calmer, more decent area. Still, this made me feel nostalgic and realise how much I still loved the french suburb life, far from Paname's caf├ęs, young people's eves in banlieues are spend like this, in cars, having sandwiches with overbaked baguette and cheap cheese, grabbing sodas from small take outs and watching the view from Argenteuil's buttes or just talking and making out in empty parking lots, while always being alert should another riot break out...I'll miss the banlieue life, and I don't know if anytjing can understand it, but this story was perfect to illustrate how we find hapiness in the little modest things we have..

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